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My Adenium Obesum/Propagation

In a previous garden blog entry on how I care for the Adenium Obesum plants in my collection I wanted to include a current photo of the plants in my cacti & succulent collection. I just took a photo of mine to show what they're looking like now as they break dormancy and I start to give them water.

Adenium Obesum Propagation

Brugmansia In Chicago

Last year I received various Brugmansia seeds in trades from other gardeners. The seeds were very easy to germinate once you soaked them and removed the cork like covering of the outside. I germinated the seeds using the sandwich bag method and I also germinated these seeds inside of seed starters I made out of used plastic soda bottles. You can search my blog and read entries on both of them if you're looking for information on germinating seeds for your garden.
  Brugmansia, Chicago, Gardening

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