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Adenium Obesum Seedlings

I traded a Cacti & Succulent grower some bulbs in exchange for his Adenium Obesum seeds. I'm not sure what color they are, but I don't really care what color the blooms end up being. After I received the seeds I started Googling for info on sowing these seeds.

The force is strong with this one.

I was a chaperone at kids Halloween party this past October when I came across a little succulent plant in a planter the park across the street from the party. This leaf was barely hanging on and I helped it off the stem and put it in my pocket. When I got home that evening I put the leaf on a paper plate I was using to dry some seeds.

I completely forgot about the leaf until I was moving some things around on Christmas Eve and uncovered the plate with the drying seeds and this leaf. I had seen succulent cuttings take root by themselves before, but it had only been in pictures. I was a little shocked that the leaf had not shriveled up, but I was more surprised by the fact that it had begun to root and sprout new leaves.

Once I'd noticed how badly the leaf wanted to continue to grow I planted it in some soil. This summer I'll take it outside and plant it in the yard and let it do it's thing.
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