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Tips For The Garden Blogger Pt 7

In previous entries to my blog I've blogged about the importance of feeds and provided info on how to set up a feed and how to use feed readers to keep up with your favorite things like blogs. If you've visited my gardening blog recently you've probably noticed some changes in the template design and how some things are laid out. The reason for the changes and additions of things like my feed flares, search boxes the addition of social bookmarking buttons... is I'm attempting to make my gardening blog "Web 2.0"


By Carolyn Gail

Do you have the typical Chicago front yard – over grown or over pruned evergreens that hug your home’s foundation, or my pet peeve, a humongous tree ( usually a Blue Spruce or Magnolia ) completely covering it’s fa├žade and nothing else but a patch of grass ? Or, if it’s a newly constructed house did the builder leave you with a postage stamp size yard, a few shrubs here and there and a tree? Or, no yard at all, just a front stoop?

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