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A taste of the desert in Chicago

I was taking a walk past a neighbor's house the other day to take one last look at a tall Euphorbia that had growing on their front stoop, when I decided to look down and saw this plant. At first I was shocked and a little perplexed this guy, he looks so out of place in their poorly landscaped yard but even more so in urban Chicago. I think it's an Agave but I'm not sure, but I'm pretty sure he'd prefer to spend the summer in a warmer place than here.

The only Cacti or Succulents you see around here are usually sitting on a window sill or are painted onto the awnings of the Taco joints, that seem to be on almost every corner here, and the occasional Yucca being thrown in. I have no idea whether or not it will survive the winter but if it does you can bet I will be asking for a cutting.

1 comment:

  1. It's probably a variegated yucca filamentosa. These are native to this area, and are known also by the common name "Adam's Needle"



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