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My Cacti & Succulent Collection

These are pics of the Cacti & Succulents that I own. I'll add more photographs as I take them.


  1. Anonymous1:59 PM

    What a beautiful array of plants. What artistic photography!!

    I'm new to this type of plants tho I have done serious gardening for years. Can you suggest a source for info on succulents, sedums, and how do they fit into the categories (or vice versa) that you mention? I'm interested in propagation also.

    I live in hot, hot TX.


  2. Anonymous10:00 PM


    Thanks for the compliment. Sorry I didn't reply to you sooner. If you google around for cacti or succulent forums you'll find a number of them...many of which have great info you can read without having to join up.

    Some can cover all plants that fall under Cacti & Succulents and you can find some that only deal with a specific type like only sedums.

    I've found propagation to be pretty easy and many of them can be started from leafs or cuttings.

    Check out the first entry for October I started all three plants from cuttings after I lost the mom.

  3. Anonymous2:33 PM

    I just tried looking up the cacti you called Gymocalycium Horrstii and was able to get it under the spelling Gymnocralycium Horrstii

  4. Anonymous3:00 PM

    I have one other question for you if you would know about this type of cacti..I found one in New Mexico and it looks much like the one you have pictured above but it has 6 needles curving out rather than the 5 you show in your cacti. I tried looking it up on googles but couldn't fine one like that. Wish I could send you a pic of it but can't see how on here.

  5. Hey,

    Thanks for pointing out that I have a typo. I wonder how I messed it up even after it was given the name and had Googled it. Oh well.

    Can you click on my name in here? It should take you to my blogger profile where I can be e-mailed from. But I have to warn you I don't have much experience with the spiny plants but I'll take a look. If you're not on gardenweb sign up and join the cacti and succulent forum too.

    BTW I could have sworn you had a blog too or did I mistake you with someone else?

  6. anita7:36 AM

    Your succulents look great! I assume you live in or near Chicago, as do I, so I'm wondering, do your succulents live outdoors during the summer? Do you bring them inside over the winter? I'm thinking of keeping mine in my unheated garage, in front of a window that gets south light. They are outside for the summer, on the north side of the garage,and growing well. thanks

  7. Hi Anita,

    Mine live inside in the winter on several windows. A lot of people keep cacti & succulents in conditions that you describe. It is surprising just how much cold cacti & succulents can take. Just don't let them stay wet and cold because they will die.

    Another thing you'll have to consider is if the C&S are winter or summer growers. If they are summer growers they go dormant in the winter but if they are winter growers then you'd need to give them conditions that are optimal for growing, light, heat etc.



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