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Good bulb info site.

A couple of weeks ago I bought some Anemone (bulb or corms?) and the package referred you to a website. So I went and checked it out and I have to say it was kind of informative, especially to someone like me who doesn't have much experience with bulbs.

There is a pic of a 'Queen of Night' Tulip on their site that makes my mouth water.

Check out if you would like to learn about Spring/Summer bulbs.


  1. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Anemones are technically tubers, which is the equivalent to fattened underground stems. If you look closely at a fresh one (not the shriveled ones they sell you) You can usually see a couple of nodes and buds on the sides, like a potato's eyes (another tuber).

    Queen of the Night are very cool dark purple, but not quite as black as the photography would have you believe. There aren't that many black flowered plants- flowers being insect attractants, and how many insects will be attracted to a black flower they can't see?

  2. Anonymous7:08 PM


    Thanks for the lesson. I'll have to take a look at the Anemones when they have finished flowering. I planted a bunch of Poppy Anemones and two are just starting to break through the ground.

    And really I'm hoping all the insects go away. Something is making Swiss Cheese out of my plants. :0(

  3. Anonymous3:00 AM

    Thanks for telling me about the website. I told me a lot of things about bulbs in an easy to understand language.

    Judy from Kansa



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