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Forget me not.

I was looking through the posts of BLDBLOG (Click the title of this post to get there) and came across this piece of Direct Marketing for Tur & Partner, landscape architects. Apparently you punch holes in the cover and seeds that are embedded in this business card sprout when buried. It's probably the best business card I have ever. Not only is it recyclable but you get some flowers to add to your garden.

It reminds me of a post I saw on gardenweb where a member had taken a tour of a National Park and was given a piece of paper that had seeds embedded and he was told to do was to bury and water it.

Which makes me wonder if someone could do something similar at home. I remember seeing a HGTV program once where the showed you how to make your own paper. All you needed was a sieve in the shape of a square and a tub filled with water and used paper. I don't think it would be that difficult to just add some seeds in the final step to make your own business cards impregnated with seeds. Although I'm not sure how you would print on the paper and if passing it through a printer would damage the seeds. Perhaps maybe writing on it by hand or using a rubber stamp?

Seems like a good project for some crafters.


  1. Anonymous9:44 PM

    2of2 and I make paper in our ever dwindeling spare time. When I met him, he had a kit, and I had always wanted to make paper. Now we've gotten a few extra supplies, but it really doesn't take much. Plus you can recycle any kind of paper that youcome across to make new paper, if it has printing on it or not. One of our favorite things to make is handmade thank-you cards and envelopes. The last time we made them, we embedded seeds into the cards and envelopes. We used stuff we had on hand- yellow-eyed grass (Sisyrinchium bellum), and something else I forget. Probably Calif. poppies. It was tricky getting the seeds to embed into the paper fibers and not float to the top, but we got it to work. We also printed up a few sheets of paper with "Thank You" in a bunch of different fonts and sizes, and tore the sheets into small fragments (large enough to read) and scattered them into the paper as well. I never got any reports back on how well the seed paper worked, but the final product looked good. We just hand wrote the notes.

  2. I received a Christmas card once with seeds embedded into the paper and it was such an awesome idea! I love no waste!!



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