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How can you not laugh out loud seeing the latest cover for the 2007 catalog fromPlant Delights Nursery? It's pretty cool that Tony Avent goesout and provides these awesome catalogs that help many a gardener get the some boring spots in our adventures in gardening.

The cover was done by Jack Pittman and beautifully illustrates the "Hot Topics" of the past year. To see the cover in all it's glory check out the website and click on the image for a larger view if you can't get your hands on a copy.

There is also an archive on the website of past issues that are sure to give you a chuckle or two like this one featuring "Hairy Potter." LOL.


  1. Great magazine cover! And thanks for taking the time to list all the house plants. I`d like to have some but don`t have a lot of proper light and now I might try a few of these :)


  2. It's great isn't it? I want that on a tshirt. :0)

    You're welcomed, if you don't have proper light you can always add some artificial light.

  3. Thanks! That is pretty funny!

  4. Anonymous8:07 AM

    I love Plant Delights not only because of their unique catalog cover but mostly because of their unique plant selection.

    Last year I bought a Musa Basjoo (hardy banana), a Giant Thailand Elephant Ear and a varigated canna.

    The Banana is overwintering (along with 2 pups) in my garage wrapped in bubble wrap and the other two are doing just fine in my house. I had to cut back the EE before bringing it inside because it grew to about 7 feet tall.

    Haven't decided what I'm going to buy this year yet. Maybe the giant voodoo lily. Did you see that one?

  5. They do have an awesome collection and the prices aren't generally pretty good. I have seen the A. titanum and it's awesome. But at 50 dollars for a 24 fl. oz pot I'd have to pass. Although I have champagne tasts this beer budget gets in the way.

    But you should get it. I've read on GW of people paying 75 or more for a bulb on ebay. I've also heard of unscrupulous sellers in the Far East selling common ones as A. titanum. Tony is reputable and the price is lower than I've seen, so if you want to get it you should.



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