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This blog is "burning"

Well I like many other bloggers have made the switch to the new Blogger and I have to say I really love how easy it is to use. The drag and drop features are a thing of beauty for someone like me who couldn't build a site if my life depended on it. My big pet peeve with Blogger is that they didn't introduce multi-profile blogs under one dash board with this upgrade. But I guess I can live with it.

I also joined the Google Co-op and started up the customized search engine Google for Gardeners. I hope to make it into a great resource for finding information by people who have sites/blogs/podcasts about gardening. I'm tired of looking for information and having most of my results being retail related. So I'm weeding out retail sites and keeping it mostly restricted to sites by the little guys. If you know of a site that fits that description feel free to contact me or leave me a message letting me know about them so I can add it. You can also feel free to link Google for Gardeners from your site/blog and encourage other people to use it.

But I think the best update I made was signing up with FeedBurner. If you're a blogger or podcaster or admin-you have to sign up. It's a free service that helps with the distribution of your content and collects info on your subscribers. I learned about it by seeing the chicklet on other blogs and got curious so I signed up. Seeing as how I'm not very tech-savvy I'm surprised with how painlessly I have been able to take advantage of the tools they provide. Today I was looking at the statistics on the FeedBurner dashboard and was noticing that I had visits to my humble gardening blog from Canada, the UK and Trinidad-Tobago. The other day I noticed that someone from Australia and India had been to my gardening blog and I was curious about how they got here. I was about to sign up with Bravenet to get some site statistics when I saw the update on a blog from a FeedBurner employee informing us that they were now going to offer stats for free.

This is probably starting to sound like a bad infomercial but it's not. If you're a blogger you need to get Feedburner. It's free and the info is easy to understand and the staff that I've seen answering questions on their help forum is always pleasant, plus I've noticed that some of them are from Chicago-so they can't be bad guys.


  1. Have you ever heard of Garden Voices? I think it's probably exactly what you're looking for:

    Oh, and you might want to give Statcounter a look-see.

  2. Yeah, I'm on GW and I read Garden Voices. One of my friends (sticky fingers)from the C&S forum is on it. I wish Garden Voices would pick up more of the blogs from the members who are actually on GardenWeb. It's nice to see what people around the globe are doing but I'd rather read about what's going on with the garden bloggers in the community that I participate in.

  3. Aren't you excited to have a visitor from Indianapolis today!

    I use mapstats from Blogflux to see where people have visited from, but since I use the free version, the stats are only available for the same day. I might check out Feedburner.

  4. Hey Carol,

    I was just looking at the stats and was wondering who is from Indianapolis. LOL

    There are a lot of cities I've never heard of so it's a learning experience.

    FeedBurner allows you to look at your stats for the day, last7 and 30 days.

  5. I have you linked now and also have "Google for Gardeners" linked. I did want to mention that "Site Meter" is wonderful! I have used it forever, lol, probably for about 8 yrs and I think it's one of the best. Gives you all the stats that you need for free.



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