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Do-It-Yourself Garden Design-Virtual Garden

On Monday I was cleaning out my favorites folder and came across a link I had forgotten about. It's the Virtual Garden from the BBC website. I had a problem using the program on the website but I downloaded it and it worked fine for me that way.

It gives you the ability to sketch out your gardening space and design your own garden by planting trees, bulbs, annual and perennials and placing garden items like benches in your design. The plant selection is limited but I can't really complain because the program is free and you can see your design in 3D and move around your virtual garden like it was a video game complete with fluttering butterflies.

The image above is an overhead view of my front garden that I blocked in. The brown area on the far left is a walkway that runs the length of the house. The green is of course grass and the gray strip is the walkway leading up to the front stairs. The brown box in this program is really decking because they didn't have a "front porch" option. I've been playing around planting various things to give me an idea of space and height because...well my garden doesn't really follow any of those rules. I'll plop anything in a space it will fit if I have to. It can look messy but I don't mind.

Anyway if you haven't come across this before or you're looking to design your own garden this easy to use and simple tool can help you get an idea of what your space will look like. You can even save a couple of different garden designs you create.


  1. Anonymous8:08 AM

    Thanks for the interesting site reference. I usually don't like the canned software packages but this looks like a good alternative.Thanks.
    Rees Cowden
    No Brown Thumbs

  2. What a great program - I'm sitting here listening to the rain and dreaming of nice spring rains nourishing my garden! Soon enough, right? Hopefully the planner will give me another taste of springtime!

  3. Hi rees & Kate,

    Thanks for commenting. I like this landscape design package because it reminds me of a video game.

  4. Anonymous5:40 PM

    Greetings - I just found this article while looking briefly for do it yourself garden design. I am excited to check out this software. I am a beginner gardener so I don't think I can lose! Thanks for the tip.

    New to Gardening

  5. NTG,

    No prob. Google around some more and see if you can find some others that may be a little easier.

  6. Anonymous9:26 PM

    I really want to use this program, but it won't work on my computer. How do I download it like you did?

  7. Hi, Doesn't look like you can the program to create your own garden design anymore. Make sure you're browser is up-to-date and that Flash is installed. If that doesn't work, try from another computer?

  8. Anonymous3:34 AM

    hey thanks!!

  9. Anonymous3:35 AM

    this part of the bbc site is no longer maintained so virtual garden cannot be used - shame seemed like a good idea to me.

  10. Anonymous7:37 AM

    Anyone know of a good do-it-yourself garden designer if this one doesn't work?



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