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Cotyledon schaeferana

This is another African succulent that I found a local Home Depot greenhouse. This caudiciform in the Crassulaceae family and is native to Namibia. This succulent likes very well draining soil and watering it has been a little tricky for me but so far I think I've done pretty good.

I'll have to repot it soon because it likes well draining soil and the medium this plant is growing in is anything but well draining. This Cotyledon can be propagated by seeds, cutting and by individual leaves. It's a beautiful plant that you should add to your cacti and succulent collection.


  1. Well now, that is certainly interesting! But I love interesting. ;-)

  2. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Love the texture of that plant, it looks like it belongs on another planet!

  3. I always enjoy your photographs. Happy GTS backatcha ...

  4. It certainly looks like you are doing an excellent job of caring for an unusual plant.

  5. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Wow this is a really cool looking succulent! I tried growing small ones like this and did not have any luck. I either over or under water them!

    To your question when you visited my blog, we moved both dark green mondo and a green & yellow striped variety. The bed was filled with it and we have managed to edge four beds in the front yard and I still have more to move. You can read about it here Ring Around The Tree and Catching Up Is Hard To Do.

  6. Hi Mr. GreenThumb! I'm hoping you're having a wonderful GTS. Those succulents look far too exotic for HD, don't they?? You shoulda just told us you picked them up on your last trip to South Africa or something!! :) Great photos! It's a miserable, muggy day in Dallas today. I think the humidity is 99% without a drop of rain. I feel droopy and so do my flowers!

  7. For me, all the dry-soil plants are hit and miss.
    I either pay too much attention to them, or not enough.
    I have quite a few whither away, and some droop and split off.
    One day I will find a happy medium.
    Thanks for coming by

  8. Very unusual looking plant, but very cool none the less! Happy GTS!! :)

  9. Hi Mr Brownthumb,
    You have got some cracking pictures on here of plants that are that bit different.
    I have added your link to my site .
    Cheers Mark

  10. Hi all, Thanks for stopping by.

    @ Debbie thanks for following up with my question. Much appreciated... I'm a big fan of the black Mondo grass. Which I could grow it in my garden. I used to have some as a houseplant.

    @Chris hope the weather gets better for you.

    @Mark Thanks for stopping by I like the photos on your blog. Keep up the good work.

  11. Very odd plant! I like it.

  12. You must have an enlightened plant buyer at your HD. I haven't seen these interesting succulents in any of our HDs.

  13. Anonymous3:50 PM

    Very cool plant. I love succulents. They are so easy to propagate.

  14. Anonymous4:59 AM

    I'm sorry I'm a whole week late to see this, but glad that I'm seeing it now. My mother grew unusual succulents and would have loved this little beauty! Hope you'll have something new and amazing for us for GTS next week!

  15. Anonymous5:32 AM

    Fantastic! I just got a small succulent for mother's day. This last weekend a friend got some donkey's tail and I was later surprised to see that people can have a serious reaction to its insides.

  16. Sorry for the late responses been a little busy.

    @DS if you like it I'll try to propagate some for you if you want.

    @chigiy thanks for stopping by and commenting. As you can probably tell I like succulents too.


    I'm surprised these plants aren't showing up at your HD. They're all of the place here right now...they're being grown and sold to HD by the people who run and I've talked to other people in other parts of the country who are also carrying this company's plants.

    Thanks for stopping by---I have one more strange looking plant for GTS :)


    Hmmm I've never heard anything about people having a reaction to that succulent. I'll have to do some Googling.



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