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Heuchera X 'Crown Jewel'

I bought this Heuchera X 'Crown Jewel' last year for the garden. I was attracted to it's veined gray marbled leaves with maroon undersides. The plant tag recommended planting it in partial shade but I planted it in full sun where the colors seemed to darken.

Heuchera X 'Crown Jewel'

On windy days the colors put on a display similar to that of a Can-Can Dancer. One moment you'd be looking at green leaves and the wind would pick up and the leaves would flutter and display their maroon underside. This spring I moved it to an area of the garden that is partial shade and the green in the leaves has pretty much vanished . I think I prefer this gray tint to the leaves because it looks like it is permanently covered in frost.

I didn't even bother photographing the flowers because they were white and pretty insignificant. My favorite thing about this perennial is the heart-shaped, lobed leaves. It is suppose to reach a height of 36" and attract Hummingbirds and Butterflies, though I have yet to see any signs of Butterflies in the garden visiting any of the Heucheras.


  1. I love that plant. It looks so neat with the grey and maroon on bottom. What do you have it planted around?

  2. Hey Curtis,

    I have it planted in between a couple of H. 'Purple Palace" plants.

  3. Anonymous6:40 PM

    Great plant and photo. Interesting that you planted it in full-sun and it's doing so well. Equally interesting it that the leaves have darkened because of it.

    Cheers for the post...

  4. Anonymous11:33 PM

    I love the color of the Heuchera in your photo too.
    I just planted three different varieties in my shade garden.

  5. Stuart and chigiy

    Thanks for stopping by glad you both like the plant. It is one of my favorites.



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