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Top 10 Poisonous Plants.

A garden filled with the Top 10 Poisonous Plants would be an interesting gardening theme. You wouldn't even have to travel to remote places to find the plants for your garden or pay an arm and a leg for such dangerous plants. They're not even illegal to grow, as a matter- of- fact you can buy all of them in a garden center near you.

I'm currently growing three of the poisonous plants in my garden and want to add to more from this list. How many of the Top 10 Poisonous Plants are you growing?


  1. Very cool bug but since it is a pest I am glad you don't have too many of the little jewels. It looks like a bead, very pretty.

  2. Oh no. I have five, six if I count the ficus in the house. I guess I will just have to have a dangerous plant environment, 'cause I'm not getting rid of any.
    Like you I plan on adding a few.
    I like living on the edge...even tho I didn't know I was.

  3. I'm growing 6 in the garden and 1 (ficus) in the house.

  4. I'm surprised Monkshood is not on this list. It's usually included along with foxgloves on the poisonous list. I grow 3 on the list, but if I lived in a warmer clime, I'd definitely have a few more ... like a rhododendron and wisteria!

  5. Interesting top ten. I would have definitely added hellebores (even though they are a pain to grow, some do them well) and monkshood. Also yew--it's particularly toxic to horses, and though I also grow rhododendrons and azaleas, i won't have a yew on the place because of our horse and idiotdonkey. They've never tried munching the garden, but still....

  6. I have 5: rhododendron, ficus, lily-of-the-valley, hydrangea and foxglove.

    I think this list is a little suspect, though, unless by "Top 10" they mean the most widely grown. I would think that castor beans, brugmansias, etc., would top a lot of these plants for toxicity!

  7. Hey all,

    The list is quite interesting because some that I think of aren't on the list like some of you have pointed out. Now I'm wondering how the list was developed. I guess I'll see if I can find the book it came from at the library.

    But it is weird that so many of these plants are probably grown by people who wouldn't grow things like Brugs because they are notorious.

  8. Heh, I have 7 out of! No pets or young kids to worry about, so it's all good. Very informative list, even though it's by no means complete, as stated-datura, castor beans, difenbachia (dumb cane), etc.



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