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Columbine Seedling

We've been experiencing a bit of rain in Chicago these past few days and one benefit from it is the seedlings that have emerged or have been given a boost by extra water. I was taking advantage of the fact that the soil is saturated with water and pulling weeds is relatively easy when I spotted a couple of seedlings. One of the seedlings I spotted amongst the weeds is this columbine seedling.

Columbine Seedling, Seedling Identification

I'm guessing that is it either an early sprout from the dark columbine that I already have growing in my garden or some birds brought seeds from a plant somewhere nearby. I guess I'll have to wait until it blooms to be sure. But if you're wondering what columbine seedlings or the columbine flower leaves look like I hope this picture of a columbine in my garden helps you identify your own. If your columbine flower leaves have squiggly lines then it is probably being attacked by leaf miner bugs. Collecting columbine flowers seeds is a really simple way to propagate this perennial in your garden.


  1. MBT - it's funny that you mentioned your Columbine seedlings. I noticed from my kitchen window today that the tiny Columbine plant I bought a while back has really grown a lot over this last 2 days of rain. I should look for the seeds I planted! On the other hand, my planter boxes that I planted lettuce seeds in yesterday are now under a big Chicago Bulls umbrella because they were literally floating from all this rain.

  2. Hey Gina,

    That's good that your plants are growing. You know I've been trying to find my umbrellas to cover up my succulents that are growing on the deck and I can't find a single one. I could use a giant Chicago Bulls umbrella right now. :0)

  3. MBT - we get them free at the games a couple times a year and they are too big to carry around so they usually just lay around in the basement. In fact, this is the only time I've ever found a use for one of them.

  4. Gina,

    One of the things I've wanted to do but I haven't 'cause I don't have the space is get a giant umbrella and make a topiary frame out of it.

    Here's what I've been thinking. Cutting off the fabric and attaching the top to a long pole or piece of rebar(sp?) and sticking it in the ground and growing a vine up the pole and covering the area where the fabric was.

    And now you have a living shade umbrella for the garden. Place a chair or a small stump underneath it so you can have a place to sit.

    I need a bigger yard :(

  5. You've reminded me that I have pink columbine seeds and I have no idea when to plant them. Maybe now is a good time since yours are coming up.

    Good idea on the umbrella topiary!

  6. I can't wait for the columbine blossom pictures!

  7. If you watch your columbine plants, you will see that they dropped their seeds already. The seeds are germinating now to grow until fall. They will overwinter and hopefully bloom in the spring.

  8. LostRoses,

    Glad you like the umbrella idea. :)


    I'm curious what color they will be too because one of my neighbors has a columbine but she pulls her because she says it is a weed. If you follow the link in the post above you can see the columbine I had blooming this spring.


    Thanks for posting because you reminded me that I had already collected my seeds a while back and have forgotten to post a pic of the seed pods.

  9. Thanks for the photos! I sow some aquilegia seeds last week and the seedlings looks very brassica-ish ... I thought that I was stiffed in a seed trade and was about to consign it to the vegetable plot rather than flower pots.

    Looking at your photos made me think Hmmmmm .... maybe they are columbines after all! Either that or I have a lot of cabbagey plantlets LOL

  10. Anonymous9:33 PM

    This is great. I have planted a whole bunch of seeds but it's hard to tell what is a weed and what's a seedling.



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