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Allium bulgaricum bulb

Two years ago I purchased a pack of Allium bulgaricum bulbs that I planted in the garden. On another blog of mine I wrote my thoughts on Allium bulgaricum, a couple of days later I was cleaning out my room and found a bulb that had apparently fallen behind a cabinet. For two years the bulb survived without water, soil and light and is now starting to sprout. I'm amazed at how resilent this little bulb is and how much it wants to grow. It almost makes me rethink my opinion of this bulb in my garden, almost.

Please, no comments on how I didn't clean thoroughly enough under the television cabinet for two years. In my defense after the vacuum goes under it I don't pay much attention. And just to protest a little bit more the carpet is a light color similar to the bulb so it was, um, camouflaged.

Yes, I did take the bulb out and plant it in the garden. Part of me wanted to water the Bulgarian Onion in place just to see if it would bloom- taking indoor gardening to a whole new level.


  1. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Wow, that bulb is resilient! It reminds me of Colchicum speciosum which will supposedly grow and bloom just sitting on a windowsill without soil or water (I've never tried it though).

    I grew some Allium bulgaricum in my garden this year and although they do have interesting flowers I agree that they certainly don't make good feature specimens. My next door neighbor has some in her front yard though and they fit right in. The landscaping is kind of a meadow look and the A. bulgaricum are not very noticable (there's only a few) but when you do see them they look quite natural and beg you to come have a closer look.

  2. I am not laughing, okay maybe a little bit ... with the dust under my son's TV cabinet and a little water that sucker would grow :)

    I have no idea why these blooms hang their heads, they have nothing to be ashamed of, what a gorgeous flower.

  3. Anonymous6:36 PM

    I can't believe that you found that bulb 2 years later and it was still alive and starting to sprout. I'm not crazy about this particular allium either. I am fond of Allium christophii and Allium caeruleum which I have in my own garden.

  4. Garden Geek,

    You have a point. I'm sure it looks better in the right type of garden.


    That's funny. I don't feel so bad now.

    Perennial Gardener,

    I love A. christophii too. I had some Allium Schubertii bulbs two year ago but they never came back after the first time they bloomed. Everyone who spotted them even walking by would stop and ask about them. I planted a few more Alliums this year that I'll post about soon.

    Thanks for visiting.

  5. Hi Mr. Brown Thumb! It is nice to see a pic of your dirty hand there busy gardening, as per usual! I love this story...a fun one, and a hopeful one! Good luck with your "little bulb that could"!!!

  6. As you show it, it looks lke a rhinoceros horn!
    The resilience of the bulb is indeed amazing. And I thought cacti were tough!

    As an aside, you have an interesting heart line on your palm. Not that I believe in palmistry, but I took a course years ago for fun. You should check out the meaning of that line and see if you agree with the findings.

  7. It is just amazing the will to live on some plants-and bulbs. It looks good.

  8. Well, when something shows that kind of determination to live, you HAVE to plant it, right?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, sorry I haven't returned the visit sooner.

  9. As someone with an active and playful cat, I do not question when things are found years later tucked behind furniture, under cabinets, and in crevices. No bulbs for me yet, but plenty of expired crickets.

  10. That's amazing!!!

    Okay, I promise I won't leave a comment on cleaning. Promise!!

    My Green Thumb today is all hibiscus. Stop by, won't you? If you have time.

  11. No lectures about not cleaning behind the desk from me... no, I'm too busy being green with envy! I have planted allium bulgaricum for the past two years, and have nothing--NOTHING--to show for those efforts. :(

    Maybe I need to plant them behind my computer desk for a year first!

  12. Dropping by to let you know that I mentioned your blog today on my blog, though it's hard to explain what the "mention" involves. The relevant post is this one:

  13. Anonymous2:57 PM

    That is one tenacious bulb and worthy of a spot in your garden!

  14. Now this is a good story with a happy ending. Talk about a tough little bulb! Maybe the dust was a source of nourishment:)

  15. Isn't it amazing? Reminds me a little bit of how I always see those amaryllis bulbs in the big box stores trying to bloom in the little boxes they package and ship them in. It's abuse - bulb abuse - and now you're guilty of the same. For shame, for shame.

    Just kidding!!!!

    I think it's awesome, what that little bulb has done. It's like my cleome that's in bloom right now. I didn't plant any this year. Or last year. It's been two years and when I did plant them, they didn't amount to much of anything. This one is fabulous. Go figure.

  16. I have had no luck this year planting flowers, they all died, and like you one of the flowers looked nothing like its picture, stopping by to say Hi.

  17. Events such as this make the best reasons to celebrate! Yea! :-)

    This year's disappointment was a result of trying something new (because everyone else tells me how easy it is) and it doesn't work. I'm referring to digging canna bulbs last fall and trying to winter them over in the basement... did I dig them too early? Should I have left the dirt on them? hmmmm?

  18. Well I have absolutely NO room to give commentary on housekeeping skills-mine are on par with a 14 year old boy! :) That said, I'd be happy to find a treasure like that-what a persistent life form! BTW, you inspired me to repot my amaryllis bulb PROPERLY...what a difference!

  19. Your idea of growing the bulb insitu reminds me of a fellow who lived in our apartment building in Germany, where my dad was stationed from '68 to '72. This apartment was part of base housing. The man in question decided to see if mushrooms would grow inside. He covered the beautiful hardwood floors with several inches of soil, added water and spores (of what kind, I'm not sure, but I could probably guess), and let nature take its course. Well, he harvested mushrooms all right, as well as a heap of trouble for himself. The neighbors below him began complaining of water dripping downstairs and a funny smell emanating from above. I sometimes wonder how he imagined that he could get away with a stunt like that and not get caught. It's not as if he was a hermit living in a cave!



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