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Over on the blog I announced a project called GROW, for active, personal garden blogs. What we'll be doing is gathering a number of garden bloggers within the U.S to grow the same climbing nasturtium seeds provided to us by the online seed catalog, Renee'sGarden.

Throughout the growing season the participating garden blogs will be posting updates about the project and sharing their experience and tips growing the same seeds in their garden. The idea behind the GROW project is to create a sense of community among garden bloggers who may only know each other online by getting them to share the same plant.

We have a few spaces left, so if you'd like to participate check out and read the details about the project and see if you'd like to participate. Unfortunately, space is limited so it is being restricted to active garden blogs, that means garden blogs that are regularly updated. Blogs for or by garden businesses are not eligible at this time because we have a small amount of the nasturtium seeds to distribute to the participating garden bloggers.

If you're an active garden blogger and can commit to posting once a month and sharing pictures, video and text about how your plants are growing in your garden don't hesitate to sign up.

Curious? Visit to read the details and see what garden bloggers are already signed up to participate.

On a related note... over my Chicago Garden blog I've got a couple of seed posts that maybe be useful.

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If you're in the Chicagoland area voting for One Seed Chicago is still open. Vote for your favorite of the three candidates and they will send you seeds of the winning plant to grow in your garden.


  1. Looks like such fun!!! I will have to check in on some of the progress later...I wish I could participate...but too busy at this time, sadly!
    Have FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I'd be interested in participating and growing these up my Narnia Gate but I "blog" the garden on MyFolia (my regular blog, Mahlzeit, I blog only the edibles and then only when I cook them). If you'd like a MyFolia participant, I'm interested. However, I can't figure out how to use the site you linked to.

  3. Good post, nice blog. Thanks for share useful information.

  4. Julie,

    Sorry to hear that.

    Xan, I sent you an message on FB.

    Thanks Balujan29

  5. I signed up to participate Mr. BT. I've not tried the vining nasturtiums. We grow the usual variety and eat them in salads. Should be an interesting experiment.

  6. I wish I had't seen this post too late to sign up! I'm growing nasturtiums I bought this year...ah well, maybe next time.

  7. Thanks for the links... looks cool.

  8. TC & Lisa, Now that the registration is over glad to have you both on board.

    Dirty Girl, I almost deleted your comment because I was afraid of where I'd land if I visited your link. Anyway, nice garden blog you have there and a great domain.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. I was just checking back to see if you included me since I didn't see my blog on the participant list...whew! I made it-yay! :)



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