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"Google For Gardeners" Updated

In case you're not familiar with it "Google For Gardeners" is a customized Google Search Engine for gardeners looking for information. The key word is "information" I'm selecting sites/blogs/forums/groups that have the information people are gardening need. I got tired of weeding through lots of search results for items for sale when I was looking up plant information so I joined Google Co-op and started Google For Gardeners and started adding all of the sites I had bookmarked, so I could search them all at once and find the growing information I was looking for, it now searches 169 sites. As far as I know it's the only Google Custom Search Engine of it's kind. Although I hear some others are in the works. :)

Thanks to the bloggers that e-mailed me suggestions of sites to add. If you have a suggestion feel free to let me know and I'll see about adding it. I'll add any gardening forum/group as long as you don't have to sign up/pay to be able to read the threads. If you have a gardening blog/website let me know and I'll see about add it. I'm especially looking for sites about Organic Gardening, Plant Propagation and sites specifically about one Genus. Feel free to use it, bookmark it, link it etc. While I started Google For Gardeners it belongs to everyone who has their hands in some dirt and is looking for information. There's a search box for it on the right hand side of this blog and all the way at the bottom. You can search from there or from the home page. Either way your results will be displayed on the Google. Don't confuse the GFG's search box with the box that only searches my blogs, they're two independent things. One searches three blogs the other searches 169 sites as of today.

Here's what got added this round:


  1. Mr. BT

    I am curious about your fascination with widgets, tags, feeds, The new Google Garden search and all the other tech stuff, more and more of which seem to come available everyday.

    Are you a tech guy who found a love for gardening or a gardener who found blogging and then a love of sorts for all the tech stuff?

    I have resisted the urge to get all fancy with my blog since I am moving soon and everything is going to change starting with the basics of who is going to be my ISP.

    When I get resettled I may get a bit more fancy with widgets.

  2. Hey,

    Christopher. You know I'm not really sure where it comes from but maybe I was a techie in another life? I wish my brain worked in a way that would facilitate taking my fascination with this stuff to the field of building sites or things but unfortunately it doesn't. I guess I like all these little add-ons and things because I like things that change and evolve in someway. I see plant the same way there's always something different and trying to make them do things like crossing or forcing them to bloom when you want are all the same to me as seeing what's the next hot widget or gadet.

    And the Google custom search engine is really easy as all I have to do it add a url. Google does all the work...anyone can sign up and make one about whatever subject they're passionate about. You just have to find the sites.

  3. Anonymous2:05 PM

    Hey, thanks for setting up the Google page. It'll be very helpful as I break ground on my very first vegetable garden (not counting a planter full of radishes when I was little).

    I hadn't see the customized search engine stuff learn something new every day.

  4. Hey Alex,

    You're welcomed. Good luck with the garden...if you come across some road blocks or you have questions try They have forums for just about anything gardening related under the sun. And on top of the people being knowledgeable they're a very friendly bunch.

    I just quickly looked at your blog and had to laugh at your title :) pretty good name.

  5. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Thanks -- I found through your links and have been studying their Organic Gardening forum.

    My blinding hatred of weeds led me down the path of chemical destruction but I really want to keep things organic, clean, healthy, etc.




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