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Tips For The Garden Blogger

Sometimes you take for granted what you know or you think you know. And I guess you figure since you know about it everyone else must know about it also-especially if the information is "outdated."

I came to that realization today when I was looking at my stats on the FeedBurner dashboard. I noticed several hits to my blog from GirlGoneGardening. Curiosity got the better of me so I checked and I saw that she was blogging about part of my Death Of The Garden Journal post.

So I'm going to share and old tip that saves me time and energy. If you have the Google Toolbar in your browser and you're blogging with Blogger if you press the button I highlighted in the picture attached to this entry a new window will open where a new post entry will automatically be started about the page/website/blog that you are currently on complete with links to whatever it is you're looking at and you can blog about whatever it is you're blogging about.

Keep in mind that if you're not signed into Blogger it will prompt you to do so. But if you're already signed it will be pretty much automatic and you just enter what you want to post.
(note: this does not take screen captures like the one above.)

Her post also prompted me to show my feedflares. If you look directly bellow this post you will see a series of words that may be alien to you. I only had them available on my blog's feed but because of GGG I decided to allow them to show here. Most of them are for social bookmarking sites that are all the rage now and if you are part of one (I'm on Netscape) you can use them. I also turned on the "blog this" feedflare that works just like the button above if you don't have it installed in your browser.

Feedflares are a good way to add interactivity to your blog posts. Go add them now.


  1. Love your site and thanks for all your great tips and pics. I took your suggestion and played with the Blogger button but it wound up on my own site - about gardening in S.W. Spain. so you now have a heading on my blog!

  2. Great tip thanks so much!



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