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Where To Buy Cacti In Chicago

Looking over the site stats for my blog that FeedBurner provides I've noticed a number of visits to my blog are from people doing internet searches looking for retailers in Chicago that sell Cacti and Succulents.

Today someone was looking for a place to buy Senecio rowleyanus in Chicago and since most people are too shy to post in the comments and ask a question if they didn't find the answer I'll take a few moments here and divulge my cactus buying locations in Chicago.

If you're in Chicago and looking to buy Cacti and Succulents you're sort of out of luck. I say that because we don't have a place in the city that specializes or has a vast amount of them. But if you don't mind doing some leg work you can find them in a variety of stores.

I purchase a lot of Cacti and Succulents in Chicago from Home Depot. The trick to finding a cactus in a Chicago Home Depot that you'll be happy with is visiting every single one you come across. Not all of them have the exact same merchandise and some of them take better care of their plants than others. The Home Depot at 2803 S. Cicero Road is pretty good at keeping them healthy and alive but you have to get there right when the plants come in and before they're over watered or neglected. I was just there a couple of days ago and the cactus and succulents selection is starting to show signs of neglect, I'd wait for a new shipment to come in. But I have noticed that this Chicago area Home Depot has been carrying a lot of Pony Tail Palms that are pretty big and under six dollars. Last year I picked up a number of Euphorbia Obesas there.

The Home Depot at 4555 S. Western Blvd can be a sorry sight. They don't have a green house and their "indoor" plants aren't too happy with the darkened situation they have them in. The only reason I'll go to this Home Depot is because their hanging basket selection is WAY better than the one at 2803 S. Cicero Road. I picked up a large Ceropegia Woodii from them last year that I'm very happy with. They have a few succulent hanging plants that are harder to find in other stores, like Dischidias and 'Orchid Cacti."

The Home Depot at 7200 S. Cicero Road should be avoided by anyone who thinks plants are sentient beings. The green house there is a plant death camp, and I'm not exaggerating when I call it a death camp. It's almost always empty and devoid of plants and the unfortunate souls that happen to land in their green house always look half dead no matter what season I've been there. There's more plant debris on the shelves and floor than there are live plants and I swear one day I saw a hunchbacked scullery maid giving the plants water from a rusty pale, or was she was feeding them gruel? Stay away from this place.

The regular price for cacti in Home Depot start at $1.99 and go up to about $20.00 What's really good about Home Depot right now is that they're carrying "The Cacti Collection" from Altman's Plants.

I also buy plants from Wal-Mart-I know, I know shame on me. But I can't resists buying cacti and succulents for .99. They may be a horrible company but they have good prices on plants. I've found my Senecio rowleyanus at the Wal-Mart at 1300 Des Plaines Avenue along with my first Adenium Obesum and Burro's Tail. Their selection is pretty good when they get a fresh batch of plants. The WM at 7050 S Cicero (right next to the HD death camp I mentioned above) doesn't have as large a selection as the one at on Des Plaines Avenue but I've found one or two things there that I've liked.

Whenever I see cacti or succulents at Walgreens I'm always a little bit surprised but I've bought them from there too.

Gethsemane Garden Center on 5739 N. Clark Street is one of my favorite places to go to balance out the bad garden karma from shopping at big box stores. I think there are other independant garden center in the city but Gethsemane is right on Clark Street and the Clark Street bus leaves you at their doorstep. Their green house is awesome and they do special orders too.

Jamaican Garden in Morton Grove at 8509 Frontage Road is where I bought my first Ceropegia Woodii and pot of Lithops. Their retail greenhouse has a lot of great tropicals and the Cacti and Succulents there are pretty diverse. The prices aren't too expensive either the only downside is having to take a car up there.

There isn't a place I won't shop in to find Cacti and succulents, you can see some of my plants at this link. I'll post about more places on my Garden Rate and Review blog as I have more time and think of more places.


  1. At one time Ted's Greenhouse in Tinley Park was well known for Cactus and succulents, and there was a big selection at Sid's - guess that is Palos?
    But things could have changed in 7+ years!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. There still around and from what I gather talking to other GWers they have a good selection. I've just never been because I don't get to the burbs that often.

  3. The home depot on 95th and Pulaski recently has had some good large cacti and succulents. I got 2 huge echevarria there yesterday, one of which was in bloom, and a globular shaped cactus full of purple flowers and buds. Plus, the woman who is assigned to the garden area is very helpful and somewhat knowledgeable.

    And, the home depot on 72nd and Cicero a month ago had several huge echevarria and a lot of very nice cacti.
    You have to chat up the garden person to find out when they come in, and I immediately transplant my purchase from plastic to a clay pot. I have probably 20-25 healthy plants from home depot in my collection.

  4. Hi Anita,

    Thanks for stopping by and letting me know about the cacti at those two Home Depots. I haven't been to either of them in a really long time. I'm surprised the one on 72nd has some good ones. They usually are all dead when I get there.

  5. anita7:01 AM

    You're welcome. I made my last purchase at home depot on 95th/Pulaski a couple of days ago, so if you plan to visit, go soon.

    1. Yes Anita! I'm visited HD at 95th Pulaski yesterday and I have now my first 8 echevarria and 4 cactus!!
      I'm so happy now lol
      I need more mini succulents for a party giveaway if somebody here have o know where I can buy someone's please don't be shy and help me to find its for my baby boy baptism thanks every one

  6. Hi Anita,

    Will do. Thanks again for the reminder...the one at 95th usually has some good plant in general so I should get there.

  7. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Alsip Nursery in Frankfort has an indoor greenhouse with lots of cacti even in the winter. I'll have to check out the Home Depot on 95th this summer, and stupid me forgot there's Sid's! The Swap-O-Rama in Alsip is rumored to have tons of cacti in the summer, but I know 2 people who had their cars broken into in the parking lot, so I'm not going there. I moved back to the southwest side after being gone for over 20 years, thanks for the reminders!

  8. Hi Anonymous.

    Thanks for the comment. Don't forget about Teds and they usually have a big booth at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show. I bought a couple of things from them last year.

    If you see this post check out the link for my "Chicago Garden" blog. I made a post similar to this one there but for cacti & succulent sources in the city of Chicago.

  9. I realize this post is a few years old, but I am sure people in Chicago are still looking for succulents. I know I am!

    Yesterday I stumbled across a store on Damen Ave called "Sprout Home". It is amazing! They have a lot of different mosses and materials for terrariums, but also have many different and healthy succulents.

    They seemed to have between 3-5 different pot sized succulents, ranging from 2.25" plants on up. I believe the store had 3 full racks of succulents.

    I picked up 4 different ones, some crassula, a crazy looking Hawaiian aloe plant, something called a "ghost plant", and a very spiraly looking one.

    Here is the website:

    Definitely pay them a visit the staff is very very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. The store smells great and they play an interesting variety of music.

  10. Matt, Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I have heard of Sprout Home I blogged about them and a couple of other places in the updated version of this blog post I have at "Chicago Garden"

    If you get a chance, check them out.



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