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Who's The Boss?

Ever get the feeling that you're being used. I'm sure I'm not the first person to come to this conclusion but it dawned on me today while posting an entry on propagating an Amaryllis that we're nothing more than insects with opposable thumbs. Plants are in charge.

They use us every chance they get and we're more than happy to oblige and indulge their every single need. We break our backs tilling soil and moving rocks just so they have a comfortable place to lay their roots.

We build them pretty houses made of glass where we make sure the temperature and humidity is just right. We bring them water when they're thirsty, nutrients when they're hungry, dust their leaves, fight off their enemies and for what? So we can feel good when we see them bloom?

I'm telling you we're being used and we're being used by creatures that have no remorse and are only in it for themselves. They sacrifice some of their own to keep us fed so we can continue to do their bidding.

We spent time on the internet talking about these creatures with other people who will fall into the same trap and continue the cycle of human slavery. Our internalized oppression goes so deep that we sell each other out and recruit more of our kind for their needs.

"Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well Margaret. You know what will make you feel better? Human slavery. Here's a Croton. Remember to water it X number of days and move it around your hospital room so that as the sun moves in the sky the plant is always in a brightly lit area."

They've even managed to get us involved in all aspects of their sexual practices to help make more of them. Today I was was cleaning artist's paint brushes, tweezers and cuticle scissors so that I could pollinate that freaking Amaryllis. Who does that?

I bet Global Warming is a scam created by Trees to get us to plant more of them. If aliens ever decide to conquer Earth I bet they'll come in the shape of plant. That is if aliens aren't already here.

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go get a dish towel and dust off the leaves of my Corn Plant.


  1. That's an interesting way of looking at it. It's begging to be made into a movie. hehe.

  2. LOL, but this time with no singing like in Little Shop Of Horrors.

  3. Just because you're paranoid... ;)

  4. But what if they're really out to get me? And you?



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