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Black Iris-A Garden Surprise

I had wanted a black Iris for my garden for a while now but every time I bought one it turned out to be a color other than the "black" was looking for in the garden. I eventually gave up on trying to find this color flower and one day found a boxed rhizome of an Iris that was suppose to bloom brown. Well a year after I planted it the first blooms have emerged and I see that I didn't get the brown flower I purchased-instead it is "black." black iris, black plants black flowers

To say I was ecstatic when the error was in my favor is an understatement. I rushed down the stairs and spent half and hour getting lost in the dark tones of the flower before I decided to get the camera. As luck would have it this Iris is blooming in the garden next to the Columbine flowers and look great together.

I only wish I had bought more of the "brown" Irises when I bought these rhizomes so I could have a larger clump of them flowering.


  1. As "black" is the must have colour as far as the Chelsea Flower Show is concerned you are definitely in fashion.

  2. OMG!! That is GORGEOUS! Adding another plant to my wishlist.

  3. Awesome--I love that color! Congratulations on the happy mistake. :)

    ps. Now, if you really want a brown one, will you have to look for something like, I don't know, red?

  4. What a gorgeous Iris! I have never seen one like it. Great luck!

  5. Wow - I've never seen anything like that! So cool!

  6. Very lovely deep, deep purple. And a full lush flower too. A great combination.

  7. Nice picture!

    We have some black lilies but I don't know why they haven't come up yet this year.

  8. Hi all glad you all liked it. This weekend I discovered a bonus with this flower-it is scented!

  9. Anonymous6:16 PM

    What an incredibly gorgeous color. What a lucky find. Enjoy.

  10. That is a great colour! I want one too.

    I finally got my hot little hands on the Wells book, 100 flowers and how they got their names. Great read!

  11. Mr. BT- Thank so much for the offer of a bit of your black iris!!! I would love it! I will e-mail you my address! Hey...check out this really black one I found HERE! I don't know why the black ones are so appealing!!!



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