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Nasturtium 'Jewel Mix'

Nasturtium Jewel Mix Flowers
Nasturtium 'Jewel Mix' is probably the most commonly found Nasturtium on seed racks. I've found seed packs of this annual priced as cheap as 25 cents and when I see them for that price I always pick up a few to give away. I think one of the main reason I like 'Jewel Mix' so much is because the color combinations change almost daily when you're growing these in your garden.

I had some self-sow in my garden last year and sprout this year without any help from me. I love the border this annual creates and the way it can soften the edges of a walkway when the leaves and flowers spill over. They're very tolerant of the dry conditions I subject my garden to once they're established and will bloom well into the fall.

Last year I ended up thinning some in a border and tossing the extra plants under the porch. Imagine my surprise when I looked under the porch weeks later to find they had rooted and continued to bloom.

I like this annual so much I think I'll make another post on them detailing why it should be grown in every garden.


  1. I just found your blog. It's very imformative. THanks for the info on the poppy seed heads.
    I love nasturiums to, They're also great in a salad and look very nice on the plate for a fancy dinner or lunch.

  2. i'm seconding marie. they're really lovely plants, and they're so productive that you can constantly cut them back for salad. i also like floating the flowers on soups that benefit from chives.

  3. Hi Marie and bs,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I too like to mix a few young leaves in a salad now and then.

  4. Anonymous1:51 AM

    Hi, I just love growing flowers but i'm from Malaysia and being tropical country there's not much choice of flower that could stand the climate here. Can this beautiful flower grow in Malaysia?

  5. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Hello, wondering if you all can help me out, it will be my first time starting a garden, what can I begin with? Is it possible to find free seed samples / I'd appreciate the help. First Timer in Tx!



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