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Thanksgiving Cactus Red Flower

The second flower on my Thanksgiving cacti is flowering. I'm really bad at describing colors outside of the primary colors, so this one will be called red. In reality it isn't very "red" but my color vocabulary leaves much to be desired and fails to adequately describe this "red" flower which looks like red satin fabric.

The throat of the flower on this succulent has a bit of white which is more pronounced in person and when you lift the flower up. I'll try to get a better photograph of the variegation in the throat when we have better natural light.

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  1. Oh wow! Very nice! All of my thanksgiving cacti are budding but they're in the greenhouse - which is weird because they're usually in the house.

  2. It's a beautiful bloom, no matter the colour designation!

    I couldn't leave a comment through my
    Wordpress blog ... but it is probably me doing the wrong thing.

  3. Beautifol photo! We had one of those cacti when I was a kid, also with red flowers, but the red was fading into orange/yellow instead of white.

    Nowadays I find it impossible to find a cactus with that colour combination in normal stores, everyone available looks like yours. These flowers are gorgeous too, but sometimes, only for nostalgia's sake I yearn for a 'real' cactus...

  4. Lovely photograph.

    Thank you for stopping by Pollywog Creek to comment on my very green caterpillar. I agree - it did look like a gummy worm! A very LARGE gummy worm. It was a bright irridescent green, that I am fairly certain is a Polyphemus Silkmoth.

  5. That is an incredibly beautiful photo of your red Thanksgiving Cactus!

    Thanks for the comment about my Serissa at my Plant Crazy Blog. The Serissa is one of my favorite plants too!

    I enjoy reading your blog so keep up the good work!

  6. Oh a nice flower. I am envious. I still do not have any of these plants yet. Though I keep looking for them at my local store, hopefully they will get some in soon.



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