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Burpee Seeds At Home Depot

Over Christmas I noticed that Home Depot had received a shipment of seeds for spring. Today I took a look around their greenhouse and saw the seed racks had been put on display. All of the seeds that they had for sale were Burpee seeds. The selection from Burpee at Home Depot this year seems to be geared towards people who want to grow their own food but I noticed a couple of seed packs for ornamentals that I thought I'd point out.

Nasturtiums are edible but most gardeners might grow this annual plant for the flowers and foliage. This year I may try the 'Peach Melba' which you may have guessed has peach colored flowers. While I had poor flowering rates with 'Empress of India' in the past the dark flowers make me want to try it again. But I may forgo those two varieties for a few packs of Nasturtium 'Alaska' even though I'm not a big fan of variegated foliage in my garden. The variegated leaves of 'Alaska' on the seed packet look like they've bee splashed with milk and could add some interest lake in the season when nothing else is blooming.

Last season several people commented on the photos of my pink and white Cypress Vine and a few gardeners expressed an interest in growing this vine. Home Depot is selling the 'Valentine Mix' which includes the red, pink and white flower if you're interested in trying this vine in your garden. The prices are pretty reasonable and are less than what I paid for my seed packs about two years ago for this vine.


  1. I just received my Burpee cataloge (aka gardener porn) this evening and the pages are already dog-eared. I can wait to start planting stuff!

  2. Cypress vine seeds are definitely on my list for next year. Last year, I bought some from Thompson & Morgan - they were costly. I didn't realise that Home Depot carried seeds. I've never see them there. Seeds should be arriving here in the next month or two although I got an incredible variety of seeds from Kylee.

    The garden blogging world is truly an amazing place - thank you for your encouraging comments and your informative, interesting posts.

    Happy new year, Mr. Brown Thumb!

  3. wow. one of my thumbs must be black, because i killed a cypress vine here in san jose back in june. and now in january, you're recommending them in chicago. i kneel before your mighty thumbs.

  4. I was just looking over Burpee seeds today trying to pick out some good tall grasses for the yard. Never thought I'd love to browse a seed catalog!

  5. I've also seen Burpee seeds at Menards in years past for 30% off and of course, at Walmart, too. It's worth checking out to get some of the "tried and true" varieties at reasonable prices and no shipping.

    Carol, May Dreams Gardens

  6. Burpee doesn't sell their seeds here in Canada, or they didn't last time I checked to request a catalog. And I find I'm not mentally ready to be thinking too much about seeds for our garden--I'd rather just catch up on what everyone else is thinking and planning about! Happy New Year, Mr. Brown Thumb!

  7. The mention of Burpee brings back fond memories of our old house and the vegetable gardens we once grew. Now we only have a small plot for vegetables and buy our seed and flats locally. I'm not a big fan of the large box stores but they are a great place to find some great garden bargains.

  8. Thanks for the head-up Mr Brown Thumb - maybe our local HD will have some treasures in the seed aisle.

    Here in Austin, once you plant Cypress Vine, you always have cypress vine!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  9. Other than laughing out loud at the "gardener porn" comment, i did notice burpee was bright and early in wal mart ( not having been to home depot because i would need to bring the trailer for some 2x4's)
    I notice the wal mart selections are very limited for my area. Typical old fashioned.. peas, carrots, corn, peppers and tomatoes. Very wonderful pictures tho. Makes me long for at least 60 degree weather here.

  10. I used to grow 'Milkmaid' Nasturtiums, so the kids had something they could plant & watch grow. The pale yellow flowers blended better with my garden colors. I've never tried to eat one, but I have eaten sugared violets. The taste was interesting.

  11. Burpee puts out a pretty wide selection, given the rack space they get. I have found such seeds as brandywine tomato.

  12. Oh, I had my seed catalogs out and pouring over them. I don't do much Burpee seed anymore except it's one of the few places I can get my fav cantaloupe seed "Ambrosia". I do love the Valentine mix cypress vine! I know they can grow well here so I might have to try that variety!

    Happy Seed selection!

  13. I'm writing for some advice. Would you care to venture an opinion about an upcoming garden blogger meeting sponsored by

    I know in the past you have spoken with some authority and credibility about garden blog sites that scrape individual bloggers' postings and don't credit the original blogger.


  14. Hi everyone thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    @Weeping sore:

    It is funny that you mention that because I've never seen that blog before but I registered a while ago but haven't done anything with the domain for lack of funds.

    I looked around and saw on the about page that I recognize and would vouch for four of those bloggers. If they are indeed associated with that meetup I'd say that they're ok and the meetup would be a good thing if you're interested.

  15. The Spring Fling is for real, Mr Brown Thumb and WeepingSore.

    Blotanical was used as a way to get invitations out to many people at once, but if you are a garden blogger, don't be shy - you're included so y'all come!

    Pam/Digging has a post up today with details.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  16. Annie,

    Thanks for the info. I emailed Kathy to double check but hadn't heard back. Sounds like you're going to all have some fun.

  17. Weeping Sore, the Garden Bloggers Spring Fling on April 5th is an invitation by several of the Austin bloggers to all the other garden bloggers out there to come to Austin for a big meet-and-greet. The Spring Fling site is not scraping anyone's content. It details all the fun that we're planning for any garden blogger who wants to join us. I hope we'll see you there. You too, Mr. Brown Thumb!

  18. I am on my way to Home Depot to see if they have cypress vines in our store. I love their airy ferny foliage.

  19. Those are really attractive flowers - I've never seen a cypress vine before! I grew "Alaska" nasturtiums last year in my veg/herb bed, but they were mostly eaten by some insect. Is there some insect that attacks lettuce/onions and nasturtiums? I suppose if it is edible, the veg-eating insects would like it too!

  20. Anonymous1:36 PM

    Burpee is not the only seed company out there- There are GREAT organic seeds- Check out Organic Seeds, and I think Park Seed has some too- I used to garden with seed, but no longer have a sprawling yard, so now I'm buying veggie plants, easy and cheap- tried and true- Check out Bonnie Plants, they come in plantable pots- Kinda cool.



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