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Anemone De Caen (Freebie)

Last fall I purchased a box of mixed bulbs at the grocery store and in it came 10 Anemone De Caen corms. I didn't plant them because I didn't have much luck with them 2 years ago when I did a mass planting of them in my garden. The ugly corms produce beautiful flowers that look like poppies and make great cut flowers but they don't overwinter in my garden. So instead of going through the motions with these corm I'm giving them away to a reader of this garden blog. I know it isn't much of a freebie but I'd rather not plant them or end up forgetting about them and find them growing under my tv like the Allium bulgaricum bulb. I'll pay for the shipping of the corms to you if you don't live in Chicago but only within the U.S.

Here are the rules:
1. U.S residents only.
2. First person to send me all pertinent info on shipping via my contact form gets them.
3. You must make a food donation to your local food bank that is at the very least equal to what it costs me to ship them to you plus $1.00. (I don't anticipate it costing more than $2.00 to ship)
4. Void where prohibited.

Obviously I can't enforce #3 but I hope you follow through because a lot of people are hurting right now. You don't have to be a garden blogger or even an experienced gardener to get these just someone who likes plants and will appreciate them. Above I said 10 came in the pack but I'm only giving away nine of them.

I'll be keeping the corm that looks like the mummified remains of Mickey Mouse because it makes me laugh.

This giveaway is closed. The first reader to respond was Steph M of Collierville, TN. I'll mail them out soon and I'll update this post with a link on how to plant these in case you need the info.


  1. That's a very nice thing to do, MBT. I'm working on a couple of articles in real life now about people coping with the economic downturn. Our local food bank is holding its own so far this winter, but there were just another 300 + jobs lost in our part of the county, so it's scary for many people.
    (I'm in Canada so not trying to play this giveaway, of course).

  2. Jodi,

    Yesterday I almost got run over by one of the truck drivers for the local food bank. Once the shock wore off and I noticed the writings on the truck it got me thinking about life. I'm not rich, nor am I even living comfortably but people out there are doing a lot worse. As I look around and see more and more houses getting boarded up I hope relief comes soon for anyone suffering.

    I didn't think you'd be trying to play when I wrote the entry and thought about the handful of Canadians that stop by here that I'd be excluding. You all have much nicer plants in your gardens already. ;0)

  3. Anonymous3:07 PM

    It wouldn't overwinter in my garden, either, so I'm not playing. But I'll donate to my local food bank anyway. They ran an article in the paper last week about how everyone donates to the food banks for the holidays, but the donations dwindle after that. The same people are still cold, and they're still hungry, and there are more of them all the time.

    The lady across the street got evicted yesterday. I am so tired of seeing my neighbors' belongings thrown out onto the curb...

    On a lighter note, I love the mummified Mickey Mouse--that is too funny!

  4. (((MBT))), not signing on for the bulbs, but thanks for the reminder that no matter how hard we have it there is always someone worse off.

  5. After looking at Google, (That's where I get all my gardening tips from) I see that Anemone De Caen grow in Zones 5-8. I'm sure it'll overwinter here in Portland, Oregon since it rarely snows and the winters are mild. Too bad my dog would chew it to bits in seconds.

  6. If you couldn't overwinter them, then neither can I. However, I do think you should plant the Mickey Mouse corm... who knows what you might see! :-)

  7. Anonymous10:11 PM

    Colleen, I'm in the same spot. Tired of watching houses close up around me. One house in particular I helped start the garden in so when the neighbor lost the house I felt like I lost something too.

    OhioMom, No problem sometimes I need to remind myself of it.

    Jordan, Do you all have pests like gophers and stuff like that? Those little critters that burrow in the dirt would probably eat them up too.

    Shady, I'm hoping that some Disney exec sees it and wants to buy it before I lose it or plant it ;0)

  8. Who wouldn't want a mumified Mickey Mouse in his hand? I keep my fingers crossed for the exec at Disney to see it, or perhaps John Lasseter or Stephen Andersson might want it - you'll never know with those animators... :)

  9. I love Mickey Mouse! Now if you did plant him, would he grow into a rat?

  10. We don't have much gophers over here in our area. I never actually saw a gopher but I rarely see their holes in the vegetable garden. We till our garden to loosen up the hard clay soil so we can plant tomatoes, so I don't think they like us. :D

  11. You are wise to keep the corm that looks like the mummified remains of Mickey Mouse. You can probably sell it on eBay and retire :)

  12. Hi, MBT.
    I found this blog when I entered a search on the care of Anemones. I just had to leave a comment and let you know I enjoyed reading your blog and think it is really sweet of you to do this. I'm glad someone is getting some use out of your unwanted anemones. I am just starting to learn a bit about planting, and have found out that I love it. (When I can actually get something to grow! LOL.) I do a lot of google searching to get info on the care of different things. I just planted 4 anemones and they are growing really well. Now the test is "Can I keep them alive?" Anyway, thanks for giving me a few moments of enjoyment when I read your blog. Have a wonderful day.

  13. Hi Rosen, Jordan, Joey, Elizabeth,

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  14. Anonymous11:45 AM

    Question for you regarding the anemone de caen. I live in Illinois and recenlty planted mine. How soon can I expect to see some sort of growth? I'm concerned that I planted them too soon and will not see any of the blooms.

  15. Meeshie's Mom,

    I live in Illinois too and if you planted them now, nothing's really happening that's going to kill them. If they're cold they'll just wait it out until the soil warms up enough to start growing.

  16. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Does anyone know if Anemone de caen is poisonous to dogs. I purchased some bulbs from a local home store and would like to plant them in a ground level flower bed. However, I am afraid that they could be detrimental to the health of my two Boxers. I have read that Anemone's are closely related to "butter cups" and according to the ASPCA Toxic Plant ( list they are toxic to does.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    -Melissa C

  17. Melissa,

    I find that a lot of times those lists are more of a precautionary note. Yes, they may be toxic, but an animal would usually have to eat a lot of something to be affected. Also, things that are toxic, usually don't taste so good so animals won't eat them beyond the initial bite.

    But if you're worried I say side with caution.

  18. Anonymous4:39 PM

    Thank you Mr. Brown Thumb. I really appreciate your response. :-)

    - Melissa C

  19. No worries, good luck with your garden.



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