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Hudson Valley Seed Library

Hudson Valley Seed Library seed packs

The Hudson Valley Seed Library in New York is a small seed company that specializes in heirloom seeds with a history in that area or are varieties that do well there. The Hudson Valley Seed Library is run by partners Ken Greene and Doug Muller with help from friends. They grow out some of the seed themselves, contract local certified organic farmers to grow out varieties and purchase some wholesale.

Hudson Valley Seed Library art seed packs

Their seed offerings are divided into three types of seed packs. The art packs, pictured above, have garnered them a lot of attention recently among gardeners and artists. The art packs are designed by artists in the New York area.

Library pack from Hudson Valley Seed Library

The library seed pack are seeds that have been grown by member farmers and gardeners. Most of these seeds were grown on their farm in Accord, New York. The garden packs are seeds that have been purchased through seed suppliers like most other seed companies.

Spotted Trout lettuce Hudson Valley Seed Library

A closer view of an art pack. This one is for Spotted Trout Lettuce.

Piracicaba broccoli Hudson Valley Seed Library

Another art seed pack from the Hudson Valley Seed Library, this one for Piracicaba Broccoli.

Arugula Hudson Valley Seed Library

The last art pack from the Hudson Valley Seed Library, this one for Arugula.

Besides purchasing heirloom seeds from the Seed Library you can also become a member or buy a gift membership for another gardener. As a seed saver I really like the idea of their membership program because they give discounts on membership renewals to current members who save seeds from the plants they grow and return them to the library.

I first learned about the Hudson Valley Seed Library last year on Twitter where we've exchanged mutual follows. One day I saw a message from them offering seeds in exchange for pictures of veggies in their online catalog they didn't have. So, I looked through the archive of my garden photos and found a few pictures they were in need of and bartered them for these seeds. How awesome is that?

Even though I've had these seed packs for over a month I have yet to sow any of the seeds because I can't bring myself to actually open them; they're just too beautiful to break open. Maybe I'll just frame them and display them. If you're looking to buy heirloom seeds check out where you can browse their online garden seed catalog, become a member or get seed starting tips on their blog.

If you're looking for seed sowing information check out the Seed Snatcher search engine powered by Google where you can find tips and techniques for starting all kinds of seeds for your garden. There's is also the Seed Snatcher blog where I post interesting seed related news and images I come across.


  1. I love the idea of what these guys are doing, and I LOVE the art packs. Very cool, too bad it seems like it's only for Americans only, I'd love to get in on it!

  2. oh that is cool, I wish there was a library like that here in socal! Especially for the artistic contributions...

  3. Wow - those are some beautiful seed envelopes! I especially love the spotted trout lettuce :)Thanks for sharing - I am going to check out their site now. Thanks for posting :)

  4. Great ideas! I love the art packs. Packaging sells a lot of things that's for sure. I bet they are collectable in the future. Thanks for making us aware of them.

  5. I love the artwork on the seed packets and, of course, the whole concept. HICHOO cough hack wheeze. (Oh, sorry.)

  6. I don't think I'd want to open the packets, either -- they are so pretty! Love the whole concept and the way they're promoting local artists. I'll have to order from them.

  7. Kelly,
    I asked Ken on Twitter if they shipped to Canada and if Canadians could be members. His answer to both of the questions was "yes."

    California has the Seed Bank store in Petaluma. You can't have all the cool seed projects. Leave some for the rest of America. ;0)

    And Sow My Garden Grows,
    Please do. There are some really cool art packs you have to check out on their online catalog

    I was thinking something along the same lines. Could their art packs be the vintage seed pack of the future?

    I should've sent you home with the broccoli seed pack. For some reason it makes me think of your garden.

    Hope you do get a chance to order from them.

    Thanks everyone for commenting and if you'd like to buy me a gift for Christmas in July-I wouldn't turn down a Seed Library membership.


  8. Oh, no... Another seed company I'm interested in!

    I have to show restraint at some point. I'll buy from them next year. :P

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. MBT- yes there is Petaluma, but that is north of SF and I'm waaaay down in LA! :'| I will have to put in on my wish list for next time I visit my cousins up that way....

  11. I'm not sure I could open those either - how gorgeous. They'd look great framed.

  12. Kenneth,

    LOL. There's always next year.

    Mary C,
    Make sure to blog about it if you get to visit them.

    Garden Girl,

    That's what I'm thinking too! Put them in a frame or a shadowbox.

  13. Hi--I stumbled across your blog when browsing blogger's blogs of note, and I have added to follow! I love to garden...thanks!

  14. Hi Bush League,

    Nice to having you following and glad you found my blog.



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