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The Constant Hybridizer

I'm probably not the only one that has a secret desire to be a hybridizer of note someday. I don't want to do it because I want to be rich or famous or anything like that, I really just want a custom garden. Something unique and unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. That's why I hybridized this green rose.

I'd like to have a garden full of black, green and brown flowers someday and until the professional hybridizers catch up with my dreams I'm stuck creating the flowers I want in Photoshop. I changed the color of this rose to green using the Virtual Photographer filter by Optik Verve labs. It's free and works with Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Painshopt Pro and Photo-Paint. It's an east to use filter that allows you do to do some cool effects on your photos even if you haven't mastered your photo editing program. It's probably for the best that I am only digitally creating hybrids because I'm not very good at keeping records. I've already misplaced the information on the Day lilies and Amaryllis I was working on last year.

If you want a time waster you can play The Pollinator, on the Planet Science website and create your own black flower. Before you play the game take a moment to read the mini article on the history of the quest for the elusive black flower.

Since I'm on the subject of of hybridizing.

If you have some time to kill or just like feeding your brain and you haven't seen it, view this segment from Nova ScienceNOW. It aired two years ago but it's about how these scientist were trying to create a very purple petunia for the retail trade but instead came up with a pure white petunia. Their "mistake" lead to another discovery which could one day be the cure for many diseases. The segment can be viewed in Quick Time, Windows Media or Real Time.


  1. You want black, green, and brown flowers? Those are unusual colors. I suppose they'd be neat flowers that thrive but I bet at first glance, I'd think your garden was dying until you lead me over and say, "See? It's the actual color!" And my predictable response would be, "Oh wow! Yeah, it is! How cool is that?" *smirks*

    What I would like are flowers that are blue. I know some places like to call flowers blue when they're really a shade of purple but a true blue flower would be something neat. If I ever achieved in doing something like that, I'd probably give it a cheesy name. "Fallen Piece of Sky".

  2. I dunno, the green rose looks too much like a cabbage. ;) Solarizing the flower gives it an unearthly, wonderful color imo and is much more to my taste.

  3. LOL @ dragonstone.

    Yeah but the appeal for me is that half dead look. Kinda spooky and it would look great for Halloween. :) I think my garden tastes would have been better suited for the Victorian era. But then again the cost would have been very prohibitive unless I was born to money.

    Blue flowers are kinda nice I can't say there are a lot of blues I like but I think this year I'm going to add some blue Balloon Flowers. I resisted buying any last season because I had direct sowed seeds but I never saw them come up.

    I also started some Hibiscus Blue Boy seeds but it will probably be a while before I get to judge how blue they are, and that's if they were ID'd correctly.


    A cabbage? LOL. I suppose it kinda does look like a cabbage.

  4. You totally had me... I was sitting there thinking, "He seriously hybridized a rose of that unearthly green color?!" And then I saw the magic word, Photoshop, a few lines down! *grin*

    I love brown and black in the garden, but am not really sure what I think of green. I tried to love Bells of Ireland but the green was just too... insipid somehow... for me. The greenish white hellebores make me drool, though.

  5. :0)

    Yeah last year I sowed BOI and wasn't really impressed with them or the color. I realize the photos I had seen were edited to be a lot darker and nicer. Plus I planted them for height and the darn things flowered and stopped growing at about 12 inches.



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