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Days Ago Counter-Uses For The Gardener

A week or so ago I tuned into Oprah because she was having a "Moms to Millionaires" episode where average women went from home makers - to- millionaires. I love watching those types of shows because you always think; "Gee, I could of thought of that" and then kick yourself for not having invented something so simple. Probably the best example was the mother that "invented" sticking trinkets into the holes of the sandals her daughters were wearing.

By the time the inventors of the Days Ago Counter came on I was pretty much over the episode and only had the television on in the background while I was surfing the net. That was until I heard one of the inventors mention that you could use the counter to keep track of how many days ago you last watered your houseplant to give you an idea of when you should water next.


Well that may work for some but anyone who knows anything about houseplants realizes that you can't water your houseplants like that. But then I started thinking about other uses a gardener could find for this little gadget.

Keep it in your work area and keep track of how many days ago it was that you:
  • Last fertilized your plants.
  • Cleaned your gardening tools.
  • Sowed seeds.
  • Mailed out your seed or plant exchange.
  • Made a garden journal entry.
  • Took cuttings.
  • Ordered your seeds or plants.
  • Checked for garden pests.
  • Collected seeds for drying.
  • Planted/transplanted something in your garden.
  • Mailed out or started your Round Robin.
  • Had to hand water your garden.
  • Cleaned your pond/fountain/birdbath.
  • Cleaned your bird feeders.
  • Started your compost pile.
  • Organized your greenhouse.
  • Cleaned your pots/seed-starting trays prior to using them again.
  • Inspected your houseplants for problems.
  • Visited your favorite garden center.

You get the idea. If I think of any more I'll add them to the comments of this entry.


  1. I do it the old fashioned way - I jot it down on my calendar. hehe.

  2. Ha, I wish I could be that organized.

    I keep buying calendars to keep track of stuff and they end up not getting used. So I bought a board so I could thumb tack my "to do" list and the things is still sitting on the wall completely unused. One of these days though I'm going to put something on it.



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