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Amaryllis Without A Name

Here's my latest Amaryllis to bloom unfortunately I haven't been able to find a name for it yet. It's a smaller bloom than the others that I have. The scape was about 18 inches tall and the flowers were six inches wide. I tried to cross it with my Amaryllis Minerva but only one pod formed with the pollen that the Minerva donated. I got better results on my Minerva, the pollen from this plant formed two seed pods.
You can see how I crossed them by reading my entry on Amaryllis/Hippeastrum Pollination. I'll update soon with a current photo of the seed pods for these Amaryllis bulbs. They're much larger than they were the last time I posted about them.

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  1. How fascinating to breed your own Amaryllis; it must take so much patience! I shall have to come back & read more of your blogs. They look really interesting.

  2. Hi ruth

    Thanks for stopping by, on another blog your avatar caught my attention. Great pics of a nice flower. Hope to see you around again.



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