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Urban Gardening: The Dangers

Earlier today I had planned to go out and buy a few packs of seeds from Walgreens and a couple of the spring bulb packs I mentioned in the posts below. For some reason I kept procrastinating and I didn't leave the house until much later than I had been planning. It's probably a good thing because when I reached Walgreens right outside their door a few moments earlier there had been some kind of altercation. The people who were at the scene weren't very clear about what had just happened. Some people reported that the car in the photo above was shot at while some other people said a Molotov cocktail had been thrown into the vehicle.

I couldn't get a definitive story from the people who were standing around taking in the aftermath and the people who were hiding out inside the Walgreens were too shaken up to talk. The funny thing or perhaps ironic thing is that the vehicle in the photos was displaying one of those orange stickers they give to cars that will follow the hearse after a funeral. It's a good thing the Olympic Committee that's visiting Chicago today was probably not this far west and won't see this and have it influence their vote.

Maybe this is a sign that I should just order my plants from gardening catalogs or from on-line sources instead of covering the city picking up frugal gardening finds?


  1. Wow, kinda scary isn't it ? Don't be discouraged because this can happen anywhere, no matter how good or bad the neighborhood is. Did you read about the police officer that was stabbed by 4 or 5 gang bangers in Lincoln Park a few nights ago ?

    Always be on guard no matter where you go.

  2. Yeah now that I think about it was kind of scary and kinda dumb. I mean who knowingly sticks around in an area where something bad has just happened? Oh well.

    I didn't hear about the PO but I'm not surprised. Some of the worst crimes I've seen has occurred in Lake View and I wonder why people think it's so safe.

  3. I don't know, mrbrownthumb...I just saw this on gardenvoices and had to hurry over to here to check on you! I think you should stay away from these dangerous areas! Yes, order online and stay safe! You are a valuable person!

    (Do I sound like a mom??!)

  4. Hi Gotta Garden,

    Thanks for concern. If I should come across something like this again I don't think I'll be sticking around. But I did learn a lesson of sorts. You should always carry a camera no matter where you go because you never know what you'll come across.

  5. Carolyn gail said...
    "... this can happen anywhere..."
    ...not where I'm from. We don't get so many shootings and Molotov cocktail attacks in Aus (Mainly because guns are illegal, and everybody is too lazy to make a Molotov).
    I like you're summation Mr. Brownthumb: "You should always carry a camera no matter where you go"
    Couldn't agree more.



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