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Cheap Bulbs For Your First Garden

There are many options to choose from when you're starting a garden but if you're a frugal gardener or gardening on a budget you learn to keep your eyes open for discounted plants, bulbs and gardening seeds. This week in the paper I came across this ad for a discount grocery store called ALDI. I'm not sure just how widespread they are across the country but they have a site you can visit and see if you're in their market. Here in Chicago these stores are not always in a very nice area and sometimes the neighborhoods they are in can be a little rough.

But aside from all that I love how they will have plants from time to time. I bought my first Amaryllis from a kit from this store and the year before last I bought a box of crocus bulbs from there. I believe the crocus bulbs were about 50 in a box and it was under five dollars. This week they're advertising Spring Bulbs and perennials for 2.29 from a company called Fausner. Last summer I also bought a huge hanging basket of new guinea impatiens from this store for under six dollars. I propagated them so many times that I had more impatiens than I could give away to gardeners and neighbors. If you're looking for some cheap bulbs and plants this year give this store a try if you don't have garden centers or nurseries that are close by and you'd like to fill a container or two with plants.


  1. I shop at Aldi all the time here in southern Illinois. I believe it's origin is Germany. My daughter lived over there 4 years and they are a bit different there, but still Aldi. There is probably one in each small town where I live. We love them. Yes, I can't wait to buy some of those bulbs also. Hopefully they will have them at the store I shop at, and if not I will have my daughter pick up some where she lives.

  2. Really? I guess I figured they were more of an urban thing I knew some people on a photography forum once from the UK who shopped there.

    But in the city I hardly know of anyone who goes there. You can get some good deals on plants in the spring and the fall bulbs I always have success with.

  3. I think my big problem with buying bulbs by the bulk like that is that lots of them don't bother to come up and it's hard to find any quality bulbs in the mess.

  4. Anonymous11:18 PM


    Yeah I think I had that problem last year with some I got from WM. But I think moving them around in the bag or box and pressing them will give you a good idea of which are shrivled or which are mushy and rotting.

    You really have to get there early or you end up getting the junk that everyone else has passed up.

  5. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Aldi's usually can get MORE than you pay for there. Just returned from mine, #1 grade rose bushes, older varieties, but still, very nice packaged plants for the unbelievable price of $3.99!! Plus, check out their grocery prices, far better deals than Krogers or Schnucks, great store, good stuff, low prices!

  6. I went to aldi's today and got my rose's for $1.99 WOW! and wisteria and another i can't remember but all were same price! I'm in arkansas...our store has been here about a year I LOVE IT!

  7. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I love aldi. I live in Ireland and am satisfied with everything I buy from there. I picked up four Clematis climbers recently and was surprised when what was supposed to open up as a pink and white nelly moser revealed itself to be purple. It doesn't fit with the colour scheme I had intended, but since it only cost e2.59 I can easily forgive and just change my colour scheme. I've saved a bomb on other gardening and cooking paraphernalia, so mustn't complain. :D

  8. Chery,

    Glad you found some cool cheap garden plants.


    Thats the only downside to buying plants in grocery stores, sometimes they won't bloom what the picture says, but if you don't mind that you'll get some great deals.

  9. Anonymous1:41 PM

    I have my first raised-bed veggie garden this year, and all is going well. After reading you potato article, I can't wait to try potatoes in buckets next year! My next venture will be flowering bulbs. They are on clearance right now at WM for 1.50, however, isn't it past planting season for bulbs. (I'm in eastern Nebraska) Aren't they done in the fall? Could I buy this bargain and save it in a cool, dry, place, and still be ok to plant in the fall? Thanks for the help!

  10. Anonymous, if you buy them go ahead and plant the bulbs now. No sense in trying to store them if your ground is workable. Yes, many bulbs are planted in the fall so they bloom in the spring. Some are planted in the spring so they bloom in the summer. Whatever kind of bulbs you got, get them into the ground now so they can establish.



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