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Garden Bloggers As Scientist is calling on gardeners to become citizen scientist and help document "climate change data on the timing of leafing and flowering of trees and flowers in your area." The project focuses on native plants and trees and will be used to compile "valuable environmental information that can be compared to historical records to illustrate the effects of climate change," according to the project's website.

This is something that many garden blogger already do regularly but if you'd like to participate in the project and save scientist the trouble of visiting your garden blog log onto and document the phenological events in your garden. You can also back date the reports if you have been keeping a journal or garden blog for years.


  1. Anonymous2:52 PM

    I visited the site and thought it was very interesting I may participate. I also went to

    and nominated you for best photography and for "Most innovation in the field of garden blogging" for your series on garden blogging tips. Hope other readers of your blog do the same.

    When I get my blog ready I'll come back and show it to you.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for that. When you get your blog up and running do share the link. I like exploring new gardening blogs.

  3. You are most generous with your tips...I think I shall go vote for you, too!

  4. Thanks for posting about this. It sounds like an interesting project. Gardening (and blogging about gardening) has made me much more observant about the trees and things that bloom in and "beyond my garden" - so it shouldn't be too hard to contribute to this.

  5. @ Gotta Garden Thanks, glad you find them useful.

    @ Christa No problem Christa hope you find it useful or enjoy participating in it.

  6. That is a wonderful idea ... citizen scientists. I like it!



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