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Creative Garden Gate

Home Made Garden Gate, Creative Garden Gate, Garden ArtThis weekend I came across a very creative garden gate made of twigs that I assume the homeowner/gardener made out of branches from their garden. On a city street in Chicago among a row of nice homes and well maintained green spaces this little garden gate stands out when driving past it. I rode by it twice before I finally stopped and snapped this photo of the gate and wanted to talk to the people tending the inviting garden behind it but lost my nerve.

Even though the rest of the fence is wrought iron and the house isn't rustic looking at all the little door made of branches works really well as a focal point that leads the eye up the path behind it. I like this so much that I'd like to reproduce it on my fence but don't think it would have the same effect. Last year I saw garden edging made of bamboo stakes in a gardening magazine that really set off a small garden in England. When I tried to replicate it my family said it looked like something out of The Blair Witch Project.

Have you made a fence, trellis, garden bench or chairs out of tree branches in your garden? Feel free to link to a post showing your crafty work in the comments section to share them.


  1. What a wonderful looking gate. it looks well suited to the garden.

  2. I haven't personally, but I want to... especially after seeing the shed door and the overhead arch in the children's garden at the CBG. You can see it if you scroll down on this post.

  3. Hi Curtis thanks for stopping by.


    I saw that post of yours when you posted it. I love the door and the arch over the entrance it reminds me of something out of The Lord of The Rings. Thanks for posting it.

  4. I created a garden gate to keep my chickens out of the patio.
    I used bamboo and branches from our yard,and a piece of yucca that was being discarded at an urban park.



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