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"Home Farming" Basil Seeds

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Paul James "The Gardener Guy" about National Public Gardens Day, more about that later at my Chicago Garden blog. Before the phone interview I was doing some research on Paul James and came across his Facebook page and learned he was working with Triscuit to promote "Home Farming."

Home Farming Movement free herb garden seeds

What is Home Farming?
According to the Triscuit  box "It's a chance to experience the simple joy of growing your own vegetables and herbs, no matter where you live. It's easier than you think!" To help get new home farmers started Triscuit is giving away basil and dill seeds in 4 million boxes. Yes, I went to the grocery store in search of the specially marked boxes of Triscuit because they came with free seeds inside. I have a sickness that only sowing seeds, on top of the hundreds I already have, can cure. Although, if the symptoms are only temporarily alleviated can it be a cure? Whatever.

how to grow your own home farm

The back of the box, that contains the explanation of what Home Farming is, looks like this. It shows some happy, diverse people in their respective farms. The trio at the top have a nice-sized farm and the young woman sniffing her seedlings obviously lives in an apartment complex and is growing her herbs and veggies on a windowsill.

Home Farming Plantable basil seed card

The seeds are embedded in a seed card inside the Triscuit box.

You punch out the basil, or dill, seed card and follow the directions on the box for sowing the seeds. One thing that's really cool about this Home Farming promotion by Triscuit is the beautifully designed website they set up for all the new gardeners. You can input your location, size of your garden and how much time you can actually spend tending your garden and it gives you a planting guide, mostly herbs, that you can start from seeds and tells you when they'll be ready to harvest. There is also a gardening forum where you can talk about farming and get video gardening tips from Paul James "The Gardener Guy."  They're also partnering with to build 50 "community-based" home farms across the country.

If you're looking for seed sowing information check out the Seed Snatcher search engine powered by Google where you can find tips and techniques for starting all kinds of seeds for your garden. There's is also the Seed Snatcher blog where I post interesting seed related news and images I come across.


  1. Pretty cool! Veggie gardening has gone mainstream again for the first time in decades.

    Betcha you paid more for that box of crackers than a packet of basil seeds would have cost! ;) Sorry, I had to say it!

  2. Veggie gardening is SO much fun! We started a "square foot garden" two summers ago. My husband loves the planting and watering parts, but doesn't really get the weeding/harvesting parts. So, I do those. This year it's a couple of tomatoes, several different peppers, and lots of beets! Oh, and that row of English peas I planted - if we get one meal, it will be worth it!

  3. How cool is this...especially for a new gardener or a child. Thanks for pointing this out. I will visit Triscuit for sure!!! I just planted a gob of sweet basil, BTW!!! :)

  4. Garden Girl,

    LOL. I thought the same thing! I already have many basil seedlings. I'm growing Thai basil, wind box basil, cinnamon basil, spicy Greek basil and a couple of others I can't think off the top of my head.

    Sounds like a great way to divide the garden chores. I'm thinking the same thing about my veggie garden, if I get one meal where most of what I eat, I grew, I'll be on cloud nine.

    No prob. If you need any and want to fly to Chicago I'll send you home with lots more. ;0)

  5. I like anything that tries to get people into gardening. I don't usually buy triscuit, but it would be kind of fun to have my son plant those seeds, and he could eat the crackers. And who can't use more basil?

  6. Reminds me of cool stuff you used to get in cereal boxes when I was a kid. Prizes for adults is WAY better.

  7. That is a very cool promotion.

  8. Very cool! Thanks for sharing this :)

  9. Wow! I love the simplicity. Perfect. :)

  10. GardenMom,

    I'm of the same opinion as you. I'll support any company who tries to get more people involved in gardening.


    I was thinking the same thing. Remember when you used to get cool prizes in cereal boxes? Ahhh, those were the days.

    Yup, I agree. Hope you get yourself some seeds.

    And Sow My Garden Grows,

    No prob. Hope you went out and got seeds.

    Geek Chic,

    Same here. Passing out a few seeds is a simple way to expose newbies to gardening and I'm happy that a big company is doing this.



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