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Another Beetle

Last week I found a Beetle in my Garden that turned out to be a Japanese Beelte. The next day I was out in the Garden again and came across this little yellow guy with brown spots. I have done some searches on Google and it turns out it is another pest. This little guy is a Cucumber Beetle.



I was out in the Garden dead heading some roses when I came across this beetle. I don't think I have ever seen a Beetle of any kind the whole time I have lived in Chicago. When I lived in Northern Arizona there would be these huge Beetles, the kind that look like Rhinoceroses that would come out at night. I always wanted to capture some and keep them in a container but felt bad about taking them from their natural habitat. I have seen some dead one selling framed in shops for about two hundred dollars.


Another Ladybug

I was dead-heading two Rose bushes in the Garden and I spotted this little bug in there. Since I have been playing with the Garden and adding things I am always amazed at the number of bugs I can see around it you spend enough time there.

Coneflower burst.

I am glad I planted these flowers because they have provided a wide variety of bugs with a reason to stop by and spend some time in the Garden. Not only that but they have given me many reasons to go out and take some photographs of them. I love the structural quality of the cones and I think next year they will have a larger space in the Garden.


I came across this little moth dancing around some Rose Bushes in the Garden. It just looked like a normal little white Moth but I followed it around until it landed and stayed in one place long enough to capture this photo of it. I never would have guessed it had so much detail in it.


Sun in the sky

My garden has no rhyme or reason, basically I'll grow anything that I like. But this Spring I bought some Sun Flowers from the Home Depot and planted them. How can you be unhappy when you have some of these around? They attract all kinds of insects and just seem to live up the place. When I was a kid one of my neighbors always had some of these growing and I remember how impressed I was with their size. I quess I bought these with her in mind and to sit back and remember some days gone by.

Double Headed Lion

I know this is a weed and the arch enemy of any man that has a lawn. But I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it when I saw that two of them had fused together to make one large flower. It was really an impressive size too. It made me smile so I let it stay around until it went to seed and then I made a huge wish when I blew on it.


I really like the structural quality of the cones on these flowers. Unfortunately I planted them too close to the front gate and now the neighbor kids are tearing them off ass they play out in the sidewalk.

A Lady in wait

I spotted this Lady Bug hanging out on some sunflowers the other day. I was surprised becuase I haven't seen many of them around the past few years. You may not be able to tell in this pic, but their is an Ant right near it. I couldn't tell if the Lady Bug was trying to eat it or vice versa but they didn't seem to be getting along.

A Bee

One of the cool things about having a garden is how many insects you can and will attract. Like this Bee that allowed me to follow it around and photograph it. He didn't even sting me or anything, what a nice Bee he was.

Take a nap

Saw this Butterfly resting and eating on a sun flower in my yard and spent the better part of an afternoon trying to capture it with its wings open. This is the best shot out of over a hundred.