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29.6.06 | Chicago's WB | WGN-TV City in the Garden | Chicago's WB | WGN-TV City in the Garden

WGN is sponsoring a garden contest for locals. They're giving a way a weekly prize-one 14 carat white gold jeweled flower. Only front lawn gardens are eligible.


An apple a day...

I'm not a fan of Fiona Apple but I saw her on Jimmy Kimmel Live a couple weeks ago. I was struck by how simple but wonderful the album cover art is. On the show she said she took the photo in her garden and well I like gardens and I like taking pics. So Fiona gets mad props from me.

I don't know about the music inside but the cover is nice :)

Nice Topiary

I came across a feuding neighbors thread in a gardening forum. The poster was asking what he/she could do to get even with a neighbor who had put up some ugly yard decorations to be annoying. One poster suggested growing a topiary like the one in the pic. I love topiaries and I got a kick out of the pic.

Questions On Tulips

Questions On Tulips

I attempted to pollinate my flaming parrot tulips and today the pods cracked open and I collected the seeds. They were lighter and softer than I would have imagined so I Googled to see if I could find a pic of what mature Tulip seeds looked like. Well I haven't been able to find a pic to compare my seeds with but I came across this site with lots of questions about Tulips and answers for them. It's worth a look.

Click the link above.

24.6.06 - Americans obsessed with their orchids - Americans obsessed with their orchids

"BOLINAS,Calif(AP)-They're tempermental, but tough. Sensitive, yet strong. They bloom infrequently, but beautifully. Some say figuring out how to make orchids thrive at home can be as challenging as rasiing kids. And like parents packing children off to camp, orchid lovers across the country are paying hundreds of dollars each month to professional to take care of plants when they're not in bloom.

"I have the sickness,"says Jeff Doney, a San Francisco architect who estimates his collection of 200 orchids is worth $10,000. He spends $300 a month on boarding his plants at California Orchids in Bolina..."

I found this article to be interesting and decided to post it incase any orchid lovers come across this post. You can click the link above to get the whole story.


7 arrested as deputies evict urban farmers - Yahoo! News

7 arrested as deputies evict urban farmers - Yahoo! News

"Los Angeles-Sheriff's deputies began evicting people from an urban garden early Tuesday and arrested at least seven as protesters chained themselves to barrels of concrete and others, including actress Daryl Hannag, sat in a large walnut tree.

"I'm very confident this is the morally right thing to do, to take a principled stand in solidarity with the farmers" Hannah said by cell phone. Asked if she willing to risk arrest, she said "I'm planning on holding my position"

About 350 people grow produce and flowers on the 14 acress of privately owned land, in a gritty, inner-city area surrounded by warehouses and train tracks. The garden has been there for decades but the landowner, Ralph Horowitz now wants to replace it with a warehouse..."

Rest of the story at the link.


You'll always remember your first.

Just yesterday I collected my first seeds of the season. They were Daffodils and out of the seven plants I tried to pollinate I only got one seed pod to develop, and out of that seed pod I only got a handful of seeds -but I'm proud of them.

I haven't updated because my digi-cam died on me and I'm waiting on getting another one. I've missed out on getting some flower pics captured. I have some kind of Allium that has been blooming and not having an ID for it is driving me crazy.

Anyway I hope to have a new cam soon and get more pics especially since so many plants are blooming around me.