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"Green" Items In The News.

Air Force Embraces Solar Power

"The largest solar power plant in North America will soon be providing electricity to an Air Force base in the Nevada desert.
The military says the plant, scheduled to power up at Nellis Air Force Base by the end of the year, shows that solar energy can effectively meet part of the country's energy needs."

Some Chicago restaurants are going greener by saving table scraps that are then collected and turned into compost for raised bed gardens on empty city lots. To see if your favorite restaurant is participating visit If your favorite restaurant isn't part of this program talk to the owner and or manager and tell them to jump on the bandwagon. If you're gardening in Chicago and would like to start composting learn about composting resources available to you.


I Want My GreenTV

"As global concern over climate warming mounts, a new generation of "green TV" programmes touching on environmental issues and green living is capturing prime-time viewing slots around the world."


Wal-Mart Touting Green Products
"Wal-Mart launched a national ad campaign Wednesday touting environmentally friendly products like light bulbs and organic cotton pajamas, part of what analysts call a move by major retailers to test exactly how much demand there is from "green" consumers.

Wal-Mart's 30-second television ads on national broadcast and cable stations that will be aired on such programs as "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and ABC's "Good Morning America", each feature a woman urging Wal-Mart shoppers to help the environment by buying low-energy light bulbs, organic cotton clothes or concentrated laundry detergent, which reduces packaging..."


Home Depot will be labeling environmentally friendly products in it's stores.