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Amaryllis-Red Lion

Late this summer I bought my first Amaryllis kit, the box said it was the variety known as "Red Lion". I had always admired them, but I thought they were too high maintenance. Boy was I wrong about these wonderful bulbs. All I did was plant it in the pot it came with and watered it when I figured it needed it.

The leaves were the first to emerge and were followed by the flower spike. I waited an entire week for the bloom to unfold and show me just why Red Lion is such a popular variety. I'm afraid that I may be addicted to these...I already have another "Apple Blossom" that has sent up a spike and hopefully will be flowering soon.

I've read around in various forum that they go clearance after the Holidays in the big box stores. I hope that my local Home Depot has plenty of them left after Christmas because I want a white one next. The only thing I would do different is pot them in a terracotta pot instead of the cheap plastic one they come with.