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I think this is Amaranthus Paniculata, growing in the front garden that I am working on planting. It has really taken over the spot where six seedlings were planted earlier this year. I was reading a garden forum and they say its an annual but the six seedlings I transplanted came back on their own, and from the looks of this have spread just this growing season.


Unknown plant in neighbor's yard

Here is some plant that my neighbor has in his yard and I am very curious as to the ID of the plant.


Grow something on your keys

I came across these pics on the net of a recent fad in Japan. Apparently the pocket pet crazy has extended into living things. You can grow these little plants on your key chain in these mini terrariums, and once they get to be too big you can just pot them up into a larger pot and start all over. These pics seem to be of some Cacti and Succulents. I wonder how easy it would be to make something like this, in Japan they retail for about 1000 yen.


Hibiscus close-up

Here is another better photo of the Hibiscus I am trying to identify correctly.

Yellow perennial NOID

Yellow Perennial that I am trying to ID, along with info on whether I am harvesting the right "seeds".


Nicer Bonsai pots for trade

These are nicer quality pots that I am looking to trade for at least two good sized established trees on my seeking list-except for herbs. These have never been used. I will also entertain trading for a few succulents, on my list.

Mame pots for trade

Trading these Mame Bonsai pots for some rooted cuttings of anything on my trade list. Two of the posts have been used, and need to be cleaned.

Free Bonsai Posts to a good home

Free Bonsai pots to a good home.



Here is a Hibiscus I got this spring.