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Eucomis bicolor-Pineapple Lily

Eucomis bicolor is commonly called 'Pineapple Lily' because the flowers resemble a pineapple. This bulb is native to Africa and in the US is hardy in zones 8-10. My garden in Chicago is nowhere near the required zones so I grow it and then lift it in the winter and store the bulbs indoors in a cool and dry area.

  Eucomis bicolor- Pineapple Lily

Black Hollyhocks

Black Hollyhock Alcea rosea, black plants black flowers
Alcea rosea is an old fashioned plant that I remember from my childhood but I don't see in many gardens now. When I was a kid there was an eccentric woman in my neighborhood that we called the "crazy bird lady" because her old Victorian knock-off was always covered in pigeons.