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Tell Me How You Really Feel

I started to write an entry on the back story to this email but it grew into a several paragraph long post/rant. I abandoned it because I couldn't find an ending to it that satisfied me or would pay off to the reader of all those grammatical errors I made. I've decided I'm going to start publishing some of the more interesting emails I get or am part of as a result of this garden blog.

The short story:

There's a seed swap/ seed sowing demonstration going on in Chicago that I wanted to attend and cover on this here gardening blog. Here is the email I sent:

I see you're doing a seed swap and seminar.I'm thinking of attending it- do you think photo would be ok so I can cover it on my gardening blog? I grow a lot from seed and post my tutorials using recyclables on my gardening blog. Mostly using things like plastic soda bottles and fast food containers to make greenhouses for the seeds. If you'd like an extra hand or another seed sowing example I'd be glad to help.

Here is the reply I got:

"hardly a seminar. more of a shared discussion.
it would be good to meet you - though am uncertain about the photo taking. would rather you didn't unless i knew why you'd want to blog about this and how that would serve the broader mission. to be honest, i am slightly put off by your labelling of images with your logo."