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"Love Love Marimo"

Back in August of '05 I wanted to be part of the Japanese fad of growing cacti on your key chains. But we're in '07 now and I'm onto something completely different, this time I want a Marimo. I'm sure I'd be the only one on my block with one. :0)

"What's a Marimo?"

Well, really it's just an algae that grows in a spherical shape but they're kept as "pets" in fish tanks. Click the image for a larger view and notice the two green balls. I took the screen capture from this website where you can learn more about Marimo. I guess they're the pet rocks of the plant lover world and I want one-actually I'd like a whole colony of them growing in a fish tank like in these images from Google.

You can learn more about the classification, nomenclature and growth habits of Marimo on Wikipedia.

I just purchased one. You can see the new post at Marimo, Japanese Moss Ball.

Gloriosa superba 'Rothschildiana'

I grew this plant for the first time this past spring and fell in love with them because of the unusually shaped flowers and the plant's climbing habit. It was a big conversation piece in my garden and as was the case with anything I really loved this spring it was subject to theft and damage from the neighbor's foul balls that landed in the garden. Some people grow this plant as a houseplant and after growing it in the garden I can understand the allure.