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Have You Seen This Cacti?

Look closely at the Cacti in this picture. It was stolen from Pancho Villa's Restaurant (1625 Sir Francis Drake Blvd Fairfax, CA) and is valued at $5,000.00 But I think that aside from the monetary value it has sentimental value as it was planted in the mid-1970s by Jose Luis Velasquez who worked as a bartender at the restaurant and passed away two years ago. The owner of the restaurant, and cacti, Kelly Medina is offering a reward for the return of her stolen cacti. She's offering a "sumptuous feast" in exchange for information leading to the return of her beloved cacti.

Is there a worst kind of thief than a plant thief? There probably is but it has to rank right up there next to baby candy theft and I'm hoping that the person(s) responsible for this theft weren't cacti and succulent enthusiasts.