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Another Ladybug

I was dead-heading two Rose bushes in the Garden and I spotted this little bug in there. Since I have been playing with the Garden and adding things I am always amazed at the number of bugs I can see around it you spend enough time there.

Coneflower burst.

I am glad I planted these flowers because they have provided a wide variety of bugs with a reason to stop by and spend some time in the Garden. Not only that but they have given me many reasons to go out and take some photographs of them. I love the structural quality of the cones and I think next year they will have a larger space in the Garden.


I came across this little moth dancing around some Rose Bushes in the Garden. It just looked like a normal little white Moth but I followed it around until it landed and stayed in one place long enough to capture this photo of it. I never would have guessed it had so much detail in it.