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Green Army Man Garden Gnome

What is a garden without a garden gnome? I've always wanted a garden gnome, but never placed one taller than a couple of inches in the garden because I couldn't ever find a gnome I felt represented me, until today. Let me introduce you to the green army man garden gnome that will live in my garden.

Green Army Man Garden Gnome on Rocks

Traditional garden gnomes are fantastic, but as I mentioned above, they don't really represent me. They're a little too old school for me. There are other garden gnomes like the middle finger-flipping garden gnome, but I find him too hostile to place in the garden. Even in an urban garden like mine. Then there's the zombie garden gnomes that have become popular in recent years, but again, not really my style.

Green Army Man Garden Gnome Houseplants

So when Big Mouth Toys contacted me earlier and asked if there was anything in their catalog that I would like for my garden to review, I almost ignored them because I didn't see anything that I just had to have. Then I saw the green army man garden gnome and knew I just had to have him.

Green Army Man Garden Gnome profile

Nothing quite takes me back to my childhood like the plastic green army men this garden gnome is modeled after. This army man garden gnome weighs 1.45lbs, stands 13 inches tall, and is made from weather proof resin but feels pretty solid.

Army Man Garden Gnome

This garden gnome has a brought a smile to the face of everyone who has seen it, especially the nephews and niece. He has become such a topic of conversation in the home that I have decided to keep the green army man garden gnome indoors where he and his bazooka will keep watch over the houseplants. My only critique of this gnome is that there aren't more figures. I'd love nothing more than a few more gnomes posed like the iconic plastic army man toys it is modeled after.

Need a gift idea for a gardener that will bring a smile to a face? Give them a green army man garden gnome and watch their eyes light up. But don't be surprised if they start playing with it and making shooting noises and calling for reinforcements. Big Mouth Toys gave me this garden gnome for free, but you can buy them at the links I have provided. If you purchase it at Amazon through this blog post, I'll earn a small commission on the sale.

Do you own a garden gnome, or are you one of those people who find them tacky, and wouldn't display one in your garden?