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How I roll.

I came across a post on the GW houseplant forum asking how many multiples of the same plant did people have in their collections. Off of the top of my head I have:

Adenium Obesum: 8
Euphorbia Obesa: 6
Ceropegia Woodii: 2
Echeveria: 6
Gasteria: 3
Schlumbergera: 5
Orchid Cactus: 2

Other Houseplants
Amaryllis bulbs: 9
African Violet: 3

Perennials/ Bulbs
Allium: 2 (Schubertii, Cernum)
Tulips: 3 (Queen of Night, Flaming Parrot and various X)
Echinacea: 4 (White Swan, Magnus, Tom Thumb, Double Decker)
Heuchera: 2 (Crimson Curls, Heuchera X 'Crown Jewels')
Hemerocallis: 3 ('Fairy Tale Pink' 'Siloam Fairy Tale' and various X)

Tender Bulbs/tubers
Gloriosa Superba: 4
Zantedeschia: 6
Colocasia: 5
Vood Lily: 6

I'm sure there are more but I can't think of many now. Are there some plants that you really like and have more than one or one variety growing?

Blogging Tip

If your curious about who links to your blog you can do a search on Google by typing in link:(your url here) and it should display sites that link to you. If I start the url with www I get no results but if I remove them I get results displaying some of the links here. I came across this link to my blog, but I have no idea what they're saying. But I'm thinking the laughing and eye roll emoticon aren't a good thing.