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Oxalis Charmed Wine

Oxalis Charmed Wine TM
This is number two of two Oxalis plants I own. The other one is Oxalis 'Iron Cross' and this one is named Oxalis 'Charmed Wine.' The name 'Charmed Wine' is a trademark of a gardening company called Proven Winners that supplies these to Home Depot where I picked up this plant.


Blue Chicory
Chicory (Cichorium intybus) is another common weed found in Chicago. It can be spotted growing alongside roads and in empty lots throughout the city. It is a bushy perennial that is native to Europe but has naturalized in North America. In Europe it has a very long history as an herb with various uses in the kitchen and as a medicinal plant.

Asiatic Dayflower

Asiatic Dayflower in Chicago
Here's another weed that is common in the Chicago area and that grows in my garden. It is called the Asiatic Dayflower and has a true blue color. This is another weed that holds a lot of memories because as a kid we called it "Mickey Mouse flower" because of the two blue petals that sit atop.