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Oxalis Charmed Wine

Oxalis Charmed Wine TM
This is number two of two Oxalis plants I own. The other one is Oxalis 'Iron Cross' and this one is named Oxalis 'Charmed Wine.' The name 'Charmed Wine' is a trademark of a gardening company called Proven Winners that supplies these to Home Depot where I picked up this plant.

I bought it to add to my black theme garden and have it growing in a pot with my black Calla Lily. The white flowers are actually blushed with a maroon hue that do something really neat when they get wet. The blush is accentuated and it looks like a wine stain on white fabric. I don't know why but I get a kick out of that whenever I see it but I can never remember to take a photo of it.

Unlike my 'Iron Cross' 'Charmed Wine' seems to be growing fine and is pretty happy and has been blooming for a couple of weeks now happily nestled below my calla lily. I'll have to remember to keep my eyes open for the end of season sales at the garden centers and buy a few more of these black oxalis plants for next year.


  1. I, too, have two oxalis - 'Iron Cross' and one that looks like yours but was labeled 'Brazilian Butterfly'. I don't think that's an actual cultivar, though. I'll have to try the water thing. I haven't yet noticed that, but that doesn't mean it doesn't do what yours does. ;-)

  2. I have Oxalis triangularis which is dark leaved. It's funny because when ever I post photos of Oxalis one of my Australian blogpals is horrified as she calls it a noxious weed!

  3. Hey! Sorry for being offtopic but you asked me to contact you first. ;)

    I've seen three new seedlings come up in the flowerbox.

    Now these definitely have to be amaryllis, right? Grass-like blades coming up and all.

  4. Kylee,

    Give it a shot and let me know if it works!


    Isn't that funny? How some of us gardeners that pay for plants others consider weeds. LOL.


    Don't worry about it. Yup, those look like Amaryllis seedlings to me! Congrats.

  5. Hi there,

    Love your blog & love the calla lily. Would you mind having a look at my blog - I'm new to this and just starting to build it. Also have a pic of a plant if you could help identify it I'd be very grateful.


  6. Sorry Donna here again - not sure if post links so here's blog details:


  7. Nice! I've never heard of that water trick....interesting. I have a purple-leaved oxalis, but the blooms are yellow. Never knew the cultivar name, it was a "passalong" plant from my mom. I've tried 'Iron Cross' myself, but it just won't do much for me.

  8. Donna,

    Glad to see you add another gardening blog to the blog-o-sphere. Unfortunately I can't tell what flower that is.


    Let me know if you post a pic of yours. I've never seen a purple leafed one with yellow flowers. I've only seen the white flowering kind before.

  9. Sure thing! Only so far, mine has not awakened from it's long winter's nap...yea, I know-it's likely dead. My mom has the "mother plant" though, so I'll get more!

  10. Anonymous9:50 AM

    i just bought an oxalis just like this. when i bought it, it had many flowers, and after a week in my house all the flowers droppped. Any suggestions?

  11. Hey Angela,

    Your plant just probably went through a bit of shock being moved from the garden center to your home. I say just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get too dry or too wet.

    If anything keep the receipt and see if you can take it back to the garden center. But the plant should be ok and maybe flower again.

  12. Hi there, I have read lots of posts on the Gardenweb forum by you, and I thank you for them, and this blog. I don't know if you have done a Google on your Charmed Wine plant, but I did because I also just bought one, and I found that there is also a Charmed oxalis named Velvet, which is blacker than Wine. You might want to look it up for your black garden. I don't know about it's availability, but maybe you might want to look for it.

  13. 'Charmed Wine' is not an Oxalis cultivar but just the ordinary O. triangularis ssp triangularis, used to go by another name in the USA. I worked with Proven Winners from 2001-2005 to set up a black plant range, they took the plants along with their sister companies but never really came up with any payment of any sort, though they still sell the plants and make an awful lot of money.
    I am the author of "Black Magic and Purple Passion" now in its third edition and available in the US. It describes over 2750 dark plants. I am the only person who has researched black plants for over twenty years and I am also the founder of the International Black Plant Society.

  14. @ASeedIsAPromise, Thanks for the comment. I appreciate the feedback. Sorry for the late reply.

  15. I'm intrigued by your concept of the "black garden" you have any photos of this garden you could show? I once read a book or article about a "sorrowful" garden theme - with advice of plants to choose from to create such a mood(examples = weeping plants, dark, moody-looking iris, etc) I have never been able to find this advice again! I would like to start a "black garden" as well as a "sorrowful garden" - any ideas from anyone would be welcomed....

  16. Jane,

    I don't have enough plants for a full-on black garden, but if you use the search box and search for "black," you'll find other black plants I've grown.

    There used to be a good website about creating a "goth" garden with a list of plants and pics, but it was down the last time I came across it on internet results.



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