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Sent my seeds to the following states.

When I joined GW in August and started trading seeds I wondered just how many states one person could send to without being part of Round Robins and trades like that. I was just looking over my trade list and was noticing the states I had sent seeds to. So I pulled a map off of google and added a little star icon on the state I sent seeds to for a trade. Granted a real gardener probably engaged in much more trading, but I was green and wasn't too sure of myself and trading and didn't have much.

After I marked all the states I had traded with I noticed that most of my responders to trade seem to be situated near me and not many came from the West Coast of the US. I wonder if it's like that for most traders and if the majority of trades occur with people in surrounding states. Or if I was more active and had better seeds would I see a wider distribution?

Anyway the 'pattern' may just be more in my own mind than anything, but I will have to re-map it again at the beginning of winter next year and compare. The map does not represent the couple of states where a one way trade occured and I was given seeds or plants by gardeners that adopted me.

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