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An apple a day...

I'm not a fan of Fiona Apple but I saw her on Jimmy Kimmel Live a couple weeks ago. I was struck by how simple but wonderful the album cover art is. On the show she said she took the photo in her garden and well I like gardens and I like taking pics. So Fiona gets mad props from me.

I don't know about the music inside but the cover is nice :)

Nice Topiary

I came across a feuding neighbors thread in a gardening forum. The poster was asking what he/she could do to get even with a neighbor who had put up some ugly yard decorations to be annoying. One poster suggested growing a topiary like the one in the pic. I love topiaries and I got a kick out of the pic.

Questions On Tulips

Questions On Tulips

I attempted to pollinate my flaming parrot tulips and today the pods cracked open and I collected the seeds. They were lighter and softer than I would have imagined so I Googled to see if I could find a pic of what mature Tulip seeds looked like. Well I haven't been able to find a pic to compare my seeds with but I came across this site with lots of questions about Tulips and answers for them. It's worth a look.

Click the link above.